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When Erin McKenna decided to opened a specialty bakery in 2005, she little baking experience and had never run a business. B…

  • When you're looking for a new job, you don't just want the right position-you want the right culture fit: An office that matches your laid-back vibe, your work-hard-play-hard attitude, or your uber-creative personality. A team that supports your love for collaboration, your do-it-yourself spirit, or your desire to have a great mentor. Sure, you could do good work anywhere-but if the attitudes and predispositions of the workplace feel like second nature, you're more likely to hit the ground running (and to be happy there for the long haul). But unfortunately, you can't just ask "Can you tell me about the company culture?" and consider yourself covered. Much like you tout your best self in an interview, the person you're interviewing with is putting his or her best foot forward-and you may hear a canned response that gives you very little insight. So, your best bet is to ask questions that (okay, sneakily) give you the real details about what it's like to work there. Try these four to ge

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  • Most artists spend a lifetime finding both success and passion with their art. Tracy Lee Stum, known on Flickr as Tracy Stum, is one of those exceptions. Tracy makes a living traveling the world creating interactive 3D street art - beautiful chalk masterpieces on the sidewalk.

    “I love what I do because I get to take a piece of pavement and transform it into this amazing, imaginary world,” Tracy says in the accompanying video. “And the great thing about it is people can actually step into and be a part of it!”

    Tracy says she was born an artist who loved drawing and painting as a child. She studied art in school and became a successful mural painter. However, her discovery of street art was a total accident. In 1998, she happened upon a street painting festival in Santa Barbara, CA and was immediately drawn to it.

    “I went over there and thought, ‘Oh my god! Here are hundreds of people, down on the pavement making these amazing masterpieces with chalk pastel! It was incredible,’” Stacy says.

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  • Sadie Nardini (photo by Tyler McCoy)

    I make around half a million dollars a year...teaching yoga.

    When most people find this out, they say the same thing, "I wish I could make that much doing what I love!" Well, I'm here to tell you how.

    I didn't start out with anything special, besides a natural interest in helping others. I didn't have money, training, Internet savvy, or special favors. I did, however, have a corporate job I hated, and very little energy left to put toward my dreams.

    It took me about a decade to achieve what I'm about to tell you, but allow me to save you a lot of time. If you dive into these 10 steps you'll be more financially abundant and turn your work hours into your life's work instead.

    Get a notebook, and give each of the 10 steps some serious thought. Brainstorm about them and write down what action steps arise. This is your "Dream Weaving Manual," and you'll need it to guide you as you go.

    1. Tear down the walls. When it comes to living your dreams, you can be your own best friend-or your worst

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  • As a child, entrepreneurship can be as simple as a lemonade stand on a neighborhood corner, but as an adult, starting your own business involves taking risks, commitment, coordinating every detail, and determination to succeed. Here are five tips from successful women on what an aspiring entrepreneur should be prepared for when starting her own business.

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    Know what you're in for - Milk and Honey Shoes co-owner Ilissa Howard advises any entrepreneur to think, plan, and research. Starting her business was an "emotional rollercoaster," she says.

    Dive in - "You have to be willing to just dive in head first, no safety net, run a thousand miles an hour, having no idea if there's more road ahead for you," explains Dori Howard, co-owner of Milk and Honey Shoes. She says if being an entrepreneur were easy, everyone would do it, so keep the risks in mind.

    Think it through - Alexa von Tobel, Learnvest founder and CEO, advise

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  • We tell you exactly what to say to get the raise you've been waiting for.

    We tell you exactly what to say to get the raise you've been waiting for.

    All year, Cosmo has teamed with Lean In, founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, to help you build a brilliant career. So WWSSD to get a better salary? We tell you exactly what to say.

    By Susan Schulz

    So you just got an offer for a job that you really, really want. Or you're hitting your stride at a company you love. Your first thought may be, I'm lucky to get this opportunity. I don't want to rock the boat by asking for too much money. But don't make that mistake. Now is exactly the time to get strategic and ask for the salary you deserve. Not negotiating early in your career for even a few thousand dollars more can set you up to be making hundreds of thousands less over the course of 30 years, warns Margaret Neale, professor of management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a career-education expert at Follow Neale's five-step plan to getting paid what you're worth.


    Nervous that asking for more will make you look lik

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