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When Erin McKenna decided to opened a specialty bakery in 2005, she little baking experience and had never run a business. B…

  • People in elevator

    It's Thursday morning, you're in the elevator, and the CEO skates between closing doors to join you for a 30-floor ride.

    You consider commenting on the unseasonably balmy weather, but inquire about her watch instead. You then exchange a series of jokes and, in perfect unison, toss your heads back in laughter. At the 25th floor, she insists that you join her in the company lounge for a bite to eat-she'd like to get to know you better. You take style points from Sandberg and lean in. Instant promotion.

    Real life: Silence. You exit the elevator with pit stains and wonder if she heard you swallow that burp. Sound familiar? You're in good company-being trapped in a confined space with upper management is sure to send anyone into a tailspin. But, with some simple tactics on hand, you can navigate a terrifying situation with grace. Try on these life vests to avoid drowning like a conversation klutz.

    The Trader Joe

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  • Christy Turlington Burns, model and founder of Every Mother Counts, says, "You don't have to be a mother to care about mothers. We've all come into the world the same way." Christy believes every woman should have the chance to survive childbirth.

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    Growing up, Christy and her older sister rode horses every day after school. At the end of their lesson one day, a photographer approached Christy's mom and asked if she had thought about having her daughters model. Christy began modeling for Vogue when she was 16, which she says quickly took her from a department store ad to the fashion world.

    Over the years, Christy appeared on the cover of every major fashion magazine and in ads for Calvin Klein and Maybelline. Not knowing how long she would model, Christy says she took advantage of the job. "I sort of fell into this career as a model," she explains, "and I felt like it's going to allow me to do other things."

    Christy began to use her fame to advocate f

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  • Mom changed your diapers, kissed your boo-boos, and said you could do anything you ever wanted. She instilled qualities, like humor, strength, and courage. She believed in you and ultimately has influenced your life and career. These four successful women say they are who they are because of dear Mom.

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    Comedian Tig Notaro says her mom was a "wild person," doing anything to make her laugh. "I think that I definitely got her sensibility as far as comedy," explains Tig.

    Lisa Leslie, a former WNBA player, says her mom was her first and is still her biggest role model. Even when kids would tease Lisa for being tall and skinny, Lisa says her mom would tell her, "Lisa, some people grow on the inside and some people grow on the outside, and we've been blessed enough to do both." Lisa's mom encouraged her to hold her head up high. Lisa says her mom worked to empower her to feel good about herself and be thankful.

    When Kristen Trattner, a cancer survivor an

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    By Valerie Ross

    "Rule" #1: Men More Often Avoid Costly Credit-Card Mistakes

    Men are five percentage points less likely than women to carry a balance at all, a study last year by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation concluded. The study, which surveyed 28,000 people across the country, found that women are more likely to pay only the minimum amount required and incur fees for paying after the deadline or exceeding their credit limit than men.

    "Rule" #2: Men Don't Forget One Small Raise Builds Over Time

    When considering what benefits they want from their employer, women place a higher premium on work-life balance, while men are somewhat more concerned with the size of their paycheck, a 2010 study by WorldatWork found. Flexible work schedules and other benefits, like more paid time off, can be extremely valuable. "With women shouldering more care-taking duties than men, there's clear value in negotiating for non-salary benefits," says Selena Rezvani, a women's lea

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  • Cosmopolitan


    Channel any of these personas and see your corner-office dreams become reality.

    By Maria Coder

    1. The Problem Solver
    You can troubleshoot on the spot. No wonder your boss loves you. "Cooperate, don't complain," suggests psychologist Mildred Borras. Find opportunities by paying attention and staying approachable.

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    The Zen Master
    You're calm, cool, and keep your office mates level headed. "You know how to function as a team," says author Judith Bowman. Learn your colleagues' styles and respect cubicle nuances.

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    3. The Cheerleader
    You love where you work, what you do, and it shows. Yrma Rico, author of La Vida Rica: The Latina's Guide to Success, says the quickest way to get noticed is to notice others. Stay positive and, most importantly, get involved.

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