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When Erin McKenna decided to opened a specialty bakery in 2005, she little baking experience and had never run a business. B…

  • Best baby names for success

    Best baby names for success

    What's in a name? Lots and lots of "Benjamins," ($100 dollar bills, that is). Unless your name happens to be Benjamin, in which case, some research suggests, you had better stick with Ben.

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    The Ladders, an online job-matching site, recently crunched the numbers in its database of over 6 million career professionals to determine the top names for corporate executives as well as the names of the highest earners. They found that people with first names longer than five letters lose out on about $3,600 in salary every year—and that's per letter. So, for little Alexander that means potentially missing out on more than $500,000 over the course of a 40-year career.

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    They also compared people who went by their nicknames versus full names (Steve and Stephen or Debbie and Deborah, for instance). For only 1 name out of 24 pairings—Larry versus Lawrence—did the longer name, on average, earn more.

    Before you ru

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  • Tanya Zuckerbrot, registered dietician and founder of the F-Factor diet, says we live in a world where we simply can't control a lot of things, but we can control what we eat every day. "You know, what's at the edge of that fork," she says, "it's up to you."

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    Tanya grew up in a family of cooks and says, "I just think that I have always loved to cook and loved to eat." After college, Tanya headed to NYU to get her master's in nutrition. She went into private practice as a registered dietitian and started working with doctors to treat their patients. She says when she worked with cardiovascular patients, the goal was to lower their bad cholesterol and improve their good cholesterol, and when she worked with diabetics, the goal was to manage their sugars. But with both patients, they were losing weight. Although the diets were different, each diet included fiber.

    "If someone loses 20 pounds, people notice," says Tanya. She started receiving ph

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  • Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes, and his father Morrie.

    By Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes

    Published in the May 2013 issue

    My business and everything that's come out of it - the bakery, the television show, the cakes for celebrities, and this year's presidential inauguration - is actually a big accident. I was working as a private chef when I really wanted to be on tour in a rock band (1). I was twenty-five at the time. I had made a couple of birthday cakes for the kids of the people I worked for, and they liked them so much, they asked me to make cakes for their friends. The more cakes I made, the more requests I got. It didn't take long to figure out that I could make it work as a business.

    But there was no dream of owning a bakery and being on TV. I just needed the kind of business that would allow me to take a month off now and then to go on tour. I saw it as my path to rock stardom. Here's the thing, though. My dad is an entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA. He's crazy smart - the kind of guy who can grasp the essence of a

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  • Cover Letter Lost You the Job

    When it comes to cover letters, I've seen-and tried-it all. I've written stiff, formal documents ("Dear Sir or Madame"), overly casual notes ("Hey guys! Cover letters suck, huh?"), and everything in between. One time, I even composed a cover letter entirely in rhyme. (Yes, I did. And no, I didn't get the job.)

    Cover letters are a blessing and a curse. They give you some elbow room to discuss your qualifications, which is a welcome relief from the crunched bullet points of a resume. But because of that freedom (and that intimidating blank page to fill), it's easy to veer off in the wrong direction and make some common mistakes that can pretty much guarantee you're not getting a call back.

    If you're in my cover-letter-writing boat, chances are you've made some of these blunders before. Read on to learn five of the most common cover letter mistakes-and how you can turn them into successes.

    1. You Didn't Listen to Your Career Counselor

    If you've ever set foot in a career resource center,

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  • By Kelly Hernandez, Refinery29

    Kelly P. Hernandez is the founder and CEO of an independent personal finance site for women. After 15 years of working in male-dominated Wall Street and Silicon Valley, she's made it her mission to help women take charge of their money. And, when she talks about getting a raise, you know we're going to listen.

    Here's the sobering (and all-too-familiar) reality: Chances are you're performing better at your job than some men, yet you're probably making less. Don't sit back and just hope to get noticed. Study after study shows men ask for raises more often, negotiate more for compensation, and ultimately get paid more than women - all for the same job.

    You could sit and sulk about this, or, you could go ask for a raise. How? It's important to be analytical and not emotional. ("Sure, I'll double your salary because you're angry and bitter," said no boss ever.) So, here's how to make that big request deliver the big money you're looking for.


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