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  • Learn how to reevaluate your

    By MP Dunleavey, Editor of

    As life changes, so do your spending priorities. By reconsidering outdated decisions, you can better fund your current needs. If your circumstances have shifted but your game plan has not, you're wasting money-plain and simple. Photo by Corbis

    1. Do an inventory
    My husband and I have a "whoa" conversation four or five times a year-we take a look at the bills we're paying, and say "whoa" to the ones that no longer make sense. In our last talk, we noticed a recurring charge on a credit card: Back in 2012, fired up with New Year's resolve, my husband signed up for a $10.99 monthly gym membership-then he pretty much never used it. That's about $130 a year that we're spending by rote on nothing.

    So many expenses are no longer conscious choices, but passive account withdrawals based on decisions you made long ago. You grow used to paying for a big house-then the kids move out. You lower your retirement contributions when you need to chip in for your dad

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  • What's the best way to deal with professional rejection? Four successful women offer their advice on how to handle these difficult, character-testing moments and move onward and upward.

    Voice artist Jennifer Hale said it's important to remember that rejection is not personal. "You just didn't fit there," she said. "We are all really good, we're all really talented, and any of us can do the work. It's what you're right for that day."

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    According to psychologist Danielle Sheypuk, the fear of rejection becomes common enough to turn into an obstacle for some people. "It's like do I let it bum me out? I hibernate for days, I just abandon the goal? Or do I know how to self-sooth, how to pick myself back up, and get back out there with the goal."

    For Ann Rule, a true crime author who pens one book a year, rejection of a manuscript takes on a special meaning to her if an editor takes the time to write a note. "The real exciting thing is when you've impr

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  • Nick Onken

    While traveling in Israel, Carmen Tal, co-founder of Moroccanoil, went to a stylist to get her damaged hair fixed. The stylist applied a product with argan oil that left her hair like silk. Tal, a beauty industry vet, was shocked, but saw its potential. Despite countless challenges, Tal launched her argan oil blend treatment, the first of its kind. Today, not only are Moroccanoil's hair products sold in more than 40 countries, she's also a trendsetter. Thirteen designers used her products behind the scenes at Fashion Week. Read on for her best career tricks.

    By Maria Coder

    Stay Flexible

    "You can never plan exactly how the day will go," she advises. "Be prepared to adjust. I pick two or three things that are important," she says. Most days, Tal completes 70 percent of what she intends and "30 percent navigates to another day."

    Pick the Right Team
    "The people you surround yourself with need to be a good team: dedicated and creative people who help you." Her best staff members are self-starte

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  • We've all heard the same budget-friendly travel advice over and over again, but there are tons of travel deals, ideas, promotions, and websites you likely don't know about. Check out these insider tips to ensure that you get the perfect trip for less. By Maitland Greer, REDBOOK.

    Select the right destination

    Not interested in fighting the crowds? Not only can you save money by hitting a destination during its off-season, you can also see the sights in peace. Seasonal Rewards from Marriott Rewards provides a 25-percent discount on some of its most popular spots at non-peak times. For example, the Aruba Marriott Resort, which normally costs 35,000 Marriott Rewards points per night, can cost 26,250 points per night. Select hotels participate in Arizona and California desert resorts from June 18 to August 30, Las Vegas from July 1 to August 30, and the Caribbean from August 23 to November 23.

    Further your savings by choosing an out-of-the-box, undiscovered destination, such as Nicaragua instea

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  • Finding the best job of your life

    I've had a few jobs in my time.

    From selling jeans at The Gap to putting on a Rihanna concert, I've tried my hand at a few different things. I'll bet you have, too-getting far away from the gigs that didn't work out and always trying your best to move on to bigger and better things.

    So, why does it sometimes feel like you still don't know what it is you really want to do? Why isn't it all just coming together? When will you be done with all the seeking and searching?

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    While I can't answer all of those questions for you, I can share five things I've learned along the way about long-term job satisfaction. Consider this if you want to find the best darn job of your life.

    Forget the Perks

    Things like job security, company policies, work conditions, compensation, and location can all be great ways to help you make a career decision. But if you're focusing on these factors alone, it's unlikely that you'll find real satisfaction and fulfillment

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