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  • 5 things you shouldn't finance

    5 things you shouldn't finance

    Interest rates are really low, and you can split just about anything into several monthly payments, but there are still things you should never finance. Anything that is not a complete necessity should not be on your list of things to possibly finance with credit because once you get started, it's really hard to stop and even harder to pay things off. Here are 5 things that should definitely not be financed.

    1.Wedding Dresses
    Last year, I was the maid of honor in a wedding, and I went with the bride to go dress shopping. We decided to check out one of those big stores that have good deals sometimes. While she was trying on a few dresses, I waited outside. There was a girl in the dressing room next to ours who'd found the dress she'd always wanted. Then she saw the price tag. It was too expensive for her. "Not to worry," said the attendant. "We have 12-month zero-percent financing." The bride-to-be agreed, and it broke my heart a little. If you can't afford the dress, it's too early to ge

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  • money


    Sometimes in order to make money you have to spend money. When hunting for a new job, there can be expenses you need to be prepared to handle to go through the hiring process. It can be difficult for some who are without a stable income and paycheck but there are ways to save money and still go after the job you are seeking.

    Click-through for 5 ways to keep spending to a minimum when looking for a new job.

    Update Your Wardrobe on the Cheap (and Logical)

    Interviewing for a job requires a professional appearance no matter what kind of position you are applying for or what your gender may be. Clothing can put a big dent in your wallet if you are not handling your wardrobe properly. Before making any purchases, go through your closet and get rid of outdated pieces you no longer wear. Sell these items through private sales or consignment stores.

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    The money you earn can be reallocated into your wardrobe fund. Add new pieces that wi

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  • photo: Arizona Cardinals

    Megan Welter is not your typical pro-football cheerleader. There is no denying the sport is tough—cheerleading accounts for 60-70 percent of catastrophic injuries among female high school athletes—but this 28-year-old member of the Arizona Cardinals squad has a background not generally associated with pompoms and hot pants. She's a United States Army veteran who served as a platoon leader in Iraq.

    More on Yahoo!: Grandmother Tries Out For Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Welter started doing baby ballet classes when she was 3 years old and danced competitively from the age of 9. After high school, she participated on her college dance team. When she graduated in 2007, she shelved her dreams of a career in dance. "The war was going on at the time when I graduated college," she told ABC15. "I wanted to take a job that was going to be meaningful, so I decided to join the Army."

    courtesy ABC15

    Welter completed basic training and then enrolled in Officer Training School. "I was commissioned a second lieutenant

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  • Betty Lukich, left, with daughter Donna Keniston. Photo courtesy Donna Keniston

    A woman believed to be dead for more than 30 years reunited with her daughter and three sisters in Maine on Sunday, bringing with her joy, tears, and answers to many long-unanswered questions.

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    “I fell over backwards,” Donna Keniston, a daughter of the formerly missing Betty Lukich, told Yahoo! Shine about first hearing the happy news. “My aunt called me and said, ‘Your mom is alive.’ I was blown away.”

    Lukich, 69, first went missing in 1981, shortly after she had moved from Bangor, Maine, to South Bend, Indiana, leaving behind three sisters, an ex-husband, and their four children. She did not contact anyone in her family and no one could get in touch with her—and then a fifth sibling, a brother, called his sisters in Maine one day to report some bizarre and gruesome news.

    More on Yahoo!: Mother and Daughter Reunited After 40 Years

    “He got drunk one day and called and said he’d buried her in the pot field behind his house,” Lukich’s s

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  • Melissa Torrez found her car after posting a picture of it on Facebook.

    Melissa Torrez has a dramatic history with her car: It's the one she used to chase down a man who kidnapped her 4-year-old daughter in May. So when the car was stolen on July 23, the Albuquerque, New Mexico, mom took to Facebook to track down her Chrysler 300. The social media post of her missing car was shared by hundreds of family members and friends, and the next day, it was recovered by police.

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    The crime-fighting mom told KOB Eyewitness News 4 she was leaving a park with her friends when three men forced the group to give them their wallets and phones, and the key to her car. "One of them told us everything would be fine," she said. "I was like, 'How is everything fine if you have us at gunpoint?'"

    Torrez posted a picture of her missing Chrysler 300 on Facebook.

    The robbers took off in Torrez's Chrysler 300, but she wasn't going to let them get away so easily. Torrez logged in to Facebook and posted a photo of her car, tagging everyone she knew who lived in Albuquerque and within driving di

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