Five Job Interview Mistakes that You Should Avoid Making

There is only one thing between you and the ULTIMATE job…the dreaded job interview! Wouldn't it be great to know the common mistakes most of us make before the interview, so you could actually avoid them?

To find out what we're doing wrong, we caught up with Dana Fiser, the Global CEO of Jenny Craig who has been with the company for 20 years and conducted literally hundreds of job interviews at every level of the organization.

You may be surprised at just how many of these mistakes you're making without even knowing it…

Mistake #1: Not knowing the company
Dana believes that one of the biggest let downs is when people arrive at the interview having not fully researched the company they are hoping to work for. These days most companies have a website where you can find out a huge amount about the organization's "DNA"- it's main purpose, products and plans. Failing to do your research leaves the impression that you just don't care enough about the company to do the homework.

Dana's tip: Be prepared with smart questions.

Mistake #2: Not knowing the name of the person interviewing you or mispronouncing it!
Dana's pet peeve is when an interviewee doesn't even know her name or mispronounces it without asking if it's correct. Making a good impression is about connecting with the person interviewing you and making them feel that you care about who they are and what they do within the company.

Dana's tip: Research who you'll be meeting with, learn their name and what they do within the organization. If you're not sure how to pronounce their name, ask!

Mistake #3: Over confidence!
While Dana respects a person who is confident in their skills and knows what they want to do, she has often seen candidates walk into the job interview as if they already have the job. Even if it's a position that you feel over qualified for, it's important to maintain humility and present yourself as confident but not cocky!

Dana's tip: Never assume it's a done deal, if you already had the job you wouldn't be in the interview.

Mistake #4: Talking over the interviewerWhen the adrenaline is pumping and the nerves are high, it's easy to interrupt the person interviewing you and chime in with a response before they've even finished asking their question. When that happens, you often miss the heart of what they were really asking you. To avoid going off down the wrong path, Dana advises us to really listen to what's being asked before answering.

Dana's advice: Listen first, talk second.

Mistake # 5: Forgetting who you truly are.In order to be great in an interview and in a job, Dana says a candidate must know who they really are and what they can bring to the company. Being true to who you are will make a good impression within the job interview and help you find the right position for your gifts and interests.

Dana's tip: Like yourself and seek jobs that are a natural fit for your personality so you can grow and flourish.

What are the biggest job interview mistakes you've made? Got any tips to help you avoid them?

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