Helping Others Get Ahead Helps You

Sometimes, climbing the career ladder can be a little lonely, but by teaming up and helping others be successful, you may just be helping yourself get ahead, too. Here are four ways to help others serve, grow, and achieve and positively impact your career from four successful women.

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Help others - Because the world is changing, we are becoming more cooperative by necessity, says voice artist Jennifer Hale. She doesn't believe in competition. Jennifer adds, "I love recommending people for stuff, men or women, if I feel like they're going to do a great job that lifts the whole project up."

Be a "productive achiever" - Kat Cole, Cinnabon president, explains that there are "destructive achievers" and "productive achievers," who have learned "to be givers, in order to achieve." "That mindset of giving in order to grow," she says, "has been a big part of my life and my success."

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Continue to serve - "I had a vision that I wanted to hire other veterans," says Dawn Halfaker, a retired Army military officer. She wanted to help those with similar experiences and expertise, so they could continue to serve.

Believe in "corporate karma" - To Jennifer Gilbert, owner of Save the Date, it's not enough to inspire people; you should show people the way. She finds most women don't know how to ask for help and says we should be helping each other succeed. "I will give anybody everything," she explains, "because I believe, somewhere in the universe, it comes back to you."

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