How to Sell Yourself at Work (and Not Feel Sleazy)

The toughest type of self-expression? The kind required when you're sitting across the desk from your boss. Meet your coach, Bethenny Frankel.
by Glamour

Meet your career coach, Bethenny Frankel.Meet your career coach, Bethenny Frankel.
We women don't have any trouble talking about ourselves when we're with friends, and we're usually pretty good at accepting credit. But when it comes to work, we clam up. Recent studies out of Harvard and Stanford universities confirm what I could've told you: You have to self-promote to get ahead, and most of us have a hard time doing it. So let's up our game, ladies. Here's how:

Know your worth. A lot of women I've met are insanely talented, but for some reason they just don't think they're good enough. Remember: If you have passion, drive, and commitment, you also already have the advantage. So talk with your colleagues and keep a list of your accomplishments, including anything you've done above and beyond your job description, and look at it when you doubt yourself. Then use it as your cheat sheet when asking for a raise.

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Show off what you've mastered. When you have people over for dinner, you don't try a new recipe and say, "What do you think?" You make something you know is good because you've cooked it 20 times, so the question sounds like "How good is that?" You're looking for that tone when you schmooze a higher-up. Say, "Listen, you have to check out this project. It's just unbelievable what we've pulled together, and I'm so proud of the results." You're not asking for validation. You're showing your energy, enthusiasm, and confidence.

Make it about your boss. If someone sends me a sweatshirt, and I wear it for an appearance on, say, Ellen, I ask my assistant to let the sender know. You can try this trick too: If you do something that benefits the boss or the company, speak up. You're saying, "I get sh-t done for you." It's not gratuitous; it's information your supervisor can use.

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Give credit to get credit. Women can be mean girls, or we can be total cheerleaders. When it comes to work, choose the latter. Be generous with praise, and tell others what they're good at; they'll do the same for you (unless they're sick). Just trust me on this. It shows you're management material, builds trust with your peers, and gets you serious karma points.

Bethenny Frankel is the founder of the Skinnygirl brand and the author of Skinnydipping.

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