Set up safe children's email accounts for free

Safe email accounts for kids -- free of charge -- are a good option for the mom who is ready to loosen the apron strings just a bit. Children learn how to communicate succinctly via email, how to send attachments and also how to navigate around a basic web-based email system. Moms know that these email addresses kids use can be monitored and, should the need arise, be closed at a moment's notice. Still not sure why your child should be ready for email? A quick look at the facts shows that email accounts (for free) can actually save you gas mileage. Really!

Why does my child need email?

Did you get blindsided by your child's request for an email account? Are you wondering just why a child in elementary school might need an email account to begin with? Do you find it worrisome that your youngster knows where to get email accounts for free?

Relax! Children are a lot more tech-savvy than we were at their ages. Even if you have steadfastly denied the request for a cell phone, an email account is actually not a bad idea. For example, do you really want to drop everything to drive a forgotten report to school?

Advantages of free email kids can receive

Sure, you have already determined to let the child suffer the natural consequences of her forgetfulness, but fast-forwarding to the middle of the term and your child's grade that is barely hanging on, do you really want to stay tough? Assuming that you will do everything possible to keep it out of "F" territory, emailing the child the homework is easier on the gas mileage than actually hand-delivering the document.

She still has to ask the teacher for permission to access the computer lab and download it. In so doing you are teaching her to problem-solve and eat humble pie in the process. Better still, if the teacher denies the request, you are not the bad guy if the loses in-class privileges. Other advantages include the child's early training to conduct email conversations that actually involve complete sentences -- not the jumbled shorthand that texting demands.

Where to find safe email accounts for kids free -- and for pay

Zilla Dog offers free email kids can appreciate. Set up an account and establish a five-address buddy list. The child may communicate with anyone on the buddy list from and to any email provider. For additional safety, have a blind carbon copy sent to your personal email account, which lets you see what junior is receiving and sending out.

KidSurf offers K-Mail, which restricts email contacts to only K-Mail users. Moms who want to have youngsters communicate with email users outside of the system must upgrade to a $10 per year plan. Another service, Kids Email, lets you try the system free for 30 days. It will cancel the child's free email account unless you pay $4.95 per month.

Setting some ground rules

The most difficult aspect of a starter account is to keep your social butterfly's friend list short. Help the youngster think through email addresses kids will find cool, without going overboard. When it comes time to discuss email accounts for teens, you and the child will already have a mutual understanding of what's acceptable and how much oversight she actually needs.


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