The 10 Most Drastic Celebrity Hair Color Changes

From Cameron Diaz to Victoria Beckham, these stars bounce from blonde to brunette to red - and back again - like none other. By Koryn Kennedy

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Katy Perry

Known for her outrageous fashion choices as much as for her addictive, poppy music, Perry's hair color has run the gamut. Recently, she traded in turquoise for purple, and somehow, it feels subtler.

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Blake Lively

After years of Serena van der Woodsen blonde, the fashionable actress switched to strawberry for her role in Hick. But, the change was temporary. Lively went back to being a golden girl once the movie wrapped.

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Crystal Renn
The fashion industry let out a collective gasp when the always-brunette plus-sized model stepped out with platinum blonde locks and brows - and a noticeably slimmer frame.

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Emma Stone

A veteran of the blonde-to-red transition, the naturally flaxen-haired actress debuted a golden 'do at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. She'd last embraced her real color for her role in 2010's The Amazing Spiderman.

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Brittany Snow

The All-American blonde actress is growing up - and she's gone red-hot to prove it. Though Snow tried being a brunette in 2009, it's her fiery locks that have us feeling the heat.

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Cameron Diaz

After splitting with Justin Timberlake, the model-turned-actress dyed her famous flaxen tresses a bold black. Her mourning period passed quickly, however, and she went right back to her girl-next-door blonde roots.

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Christina Aguilera

Amidst trying to extract herself from the shadow of the Disney Channel, the singer experimented with several different looks, one of which involved black hair dye and dangerous amounts of self-tanner. Luckily, she tossed both products and settled on what is now her signature look - long platinum locks.

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Katherine Heigl

After unexpectedly going brunette, Heigl experimented with different shades of brown before bleaching her hair back to its natural color - or as close as she could get it

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Lindsay Lohan

Perhaps one of the most infamous redheads of all time, the young star usually maintains her natural color. In spring 2010, she dyed her hair pitch-black, only to bleach it an unnatural blonde shade three months later - just in time for her probation hearing.

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Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl went platinum right before she moved from the U.K. to L.A., only to return to her roots (and her senses) a few months later.

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