10 Ways to Get Perfect Brows This Spring

That fishtail braid or bold lip isn't going to stand out on prom night if all anyone notices are your less-than-perfect brows. Read these tips from Australia's leading eyebrow artist (and Kylie Monigue's personal groomer), Sharon-Lee, to get tips on how to make the most of a professional brow grooming appointment - what you should do to maintain your arches at home.

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Eye brow shaping tips.

1. Consider Color: Are you changing your hair color for your big night? If you've made any drastic changes in hue, such as going from medium brunette to honey blond, you'll want to find a new brow shade that complements both your hair color and your skin tone. However, if you're just getting subtle highlights or going one or two shades lighter or darker, there's no need to change your brow color.

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2. Keep Growing: Before your appointment, grow your brows out as much as possible - even if it means being on the receiving end of strange looks from friends. Growing out your eyebrows will help you get the most out of your brow appointment, since the artist can see your natural shape and maximize the changes they can make.

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3. Know What You Want: During your brow appointment, explain to your brow artist what you're hoping to achieve - thin or thick brows, high arches or rounded arches, lighter or darker brows, etc. You should also be honest about how well or poorly you may maintain them at home or when you'll be back for basic upkeep.

4. Get Inspired: Is there a celeb whose brows you've fallen in love with? If so, bring a picture to your brow appointment! This is one of the best ways for you to clearly show your brow artist what you'd like to achieve.

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5. Bring Backup: Can't bear the pain? If waxing or tweezing is just too much for you, pick up some teething gel from your local drugstore and apply it to the brow area ONLY (keep away from your eyes) prior to your appointment. Ask your pharmacist how many minutes you should leave it on - this will depend on the brand.

6. Look at Your Lashes: Getting a brow makeover? Don't forget about your lashes! If you are fair-haired and you have opted to deepen the color of your brows, make sure to tint your lashes, too. This will help you avoid having the lighter color show at the base of your lashes when you're wearing mascara.

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7. Maintain in Between: Don't forget to look for regrowth above the brow line and tweeze there, not just underneath. This simple technique will help you keep your new brow shape for longer.

8. Buy a Toothbrush: Yes, a baby toothbrush can help you keep the brow line tidy. Make sure to brush in the direction the hair grows in rather than against it or upward.

9. Invest in Tweezers: High-quality tweezers will make it a lot easier for you to maintain your new look. Take a few minutes every day to pluck the regrowth after your appointment and you'll be able to maintain the shape for longer. My Tweeze Capsule contains slated tweezers for short, coarse, and ingrown hairs and clamp tweezers for plucking precision.

10. Go For the Gel: You'd be surprised, but purchasing a quality colored waterproof brow gel will help you keep your brows looking polished at all times! Pencils run the risk of looking unnatural when improperly applied, and powder doesn't have the staying power of a gel. Sharon-Lee's Brow Gels disassemble to fit in the tiniest of clutches so you can have it with you at all times!

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