11 Easy Ways to Sex Up Your Beauty Routine

Try these sexy, yet easy beauty tricks.Try these sexy, yet easy beauty tricks.Spice up your beauty regimen by putting one (or more!) of these new spring looks into your rotation. We promise they'll leave you feeling sexier than usual...

By Carly Cardellino

Sport a Smoky Navy Eye
Celebs like Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart have been seen wearing this sultry shade and we're not surprised. This midnight blue hue is a fresh twist on a traditional gray smoky shade-plus, the dark-as-night color makes the whites of your eyes stand out even more so they demand his attention that much quicker.

Reach for a Rose Gold Highlighter
The blend of warm, gold tones with cool, pink ones create a one-shade-fits-all hue, says cosmetic chemist James Hammer.

To bring attention to your best assets, lightly apply it along your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

Swipe on a Classic Red Lipstick
Studies show that men fixate on red more than any other hue women wear. (That might explain why Marilyn Monroe always wore this crimson shade.)

Flaunt a Flirty Braid
Take a cue from Katniss Everdeen, or whomever you fancy and rock a sexy side braid.

To make it look a little undone, like Blake's, gently tug on a few pieces here and there to loosen up the entire look.

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Use Blush To Your Benefit
Nothing says I have a crush on you like a natural flush. Fortunately, you can fake one with ease by applying your blush to the apples of your cheeks and blending it thoroughly to make it look like a cutie just crossed your path.

Don't Be Afraid of Bronzer
Score healthy-looking skin by adding a touch of color to your complexion. Dust a powder bronzer, one shade darker than your skin tone so it looks believable, lightly all over your face. Don't forget to blend it down onto your neck to avoid any lines of demarcation.

Embrace Long Lashes
If you're lacking in the lash department, or just want to amp up the set you have, apply a full strip of falsies to your upper lashline.

Don't want to sport the full set? Cut the strips down the middle and apply the halves to the outer edge of your eye for just a little drama.

Line the Inner Rim of Your Eyes
Holding a water-resistant, gel eyeliner in one hand and a hand-held mirror placed right beneath your chin in the other, trace your upper waterline (and lower, too, if you wish). This instantly makes your eyes look bigger and your lashes appear fuller.

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Go With a Gloss
If lip color just isn't your thing, coat your kisser with an iridescent gloss. Not only will it draw attention to your pout but the tiny flecks of shimmer create an optical illusion of larger, fuller lips. Angelina Jolie, who?

Opt for Amber-Colored Eyes
Dark, smoky shadows aren't for everyone, so if you fall into the earth-tone camp but want to amp up your eyes a bit, go for a burnished amber-bronze shade. This hue complements all eye colors and will instantly catch his attention.

Do Your 'Do
Normally a wash-and-go kind of girl? Instead, take the time to tend to your tresses. Adding just a little volume at the root and some loose curls throughout your strands can give you instant sex appeal.

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