12 Heart Tattoos that Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

half sleeve tattoohalf sleeve tattooIs there anything more romantic than someone tattooing your name on their skin? Don't answer that if you detest tattoos. I think it's terrifically adorable. And yes, it could turn out to be a terrible idea if you break up. But you could always cover it up somehow. Still, for those not willing to add the letters, I will offer an alternative. And that's a heart. A simple or ornate heart. It's the perfect idea for a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie who loves ink.

Oh the heart tattoo ... how I love thee. So sweet, symbolizing a love so pure (yes, I'm being all sugary silly) and it can be placed just about anywhere, even amidst other tattoos. Just like this woman's half-sleeve. There's a cupcake (talk about sugar)! A rainbow! And tiny hearts and stars.

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I gathered up some other super cool heart tattoo ideas so you can show them to your tattoo artist and make it your own.

Check out this panda blowing heart kisses. Oh my! I want to catch one!

panda heart tattoopanda heart tattoo

For the slightly devious heart lover, I present to you ... snakes ... ssssssizzling together ... it's like they are kisssssssing.

snake heart tattoosnake heart tattooI'm going to interrupt this Valentine tattoo post to note that a heart tattoo doesn't have to be romantic love. Here a big sister got something her little sister drew. I heart it.

robot love tattoorobot love tattoo

Red is the color of romance. And this tattoo. I love when I see things that aren't outlined in black. I mean, I love black outline, too. Just all depends.

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heart tattoo on backheart tattoo on back

Anatomically correct! That's hardcore.

anatomically correct heartanatomically correct heart

This simple wrist tattoo is so sweet. I want it.

tiny heart tattoo on handtiny heart tattoo on hand

This chick has her priorities in line. Love the heart. I want this one, too. Just the heart though. And smaller.

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peace love cupcake tattoopeace love cupcake tattoo

Heart with a dagger through it ... hmmm ... does it have to mean heartbreak? Let's say no. Just means that Cupid upgraded.

Check out the heart on bottom right. Lock and key, baby. Talk about forever!

Awww, Claudia is a lucky lady.

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name tattooname tattoo

Nice one! Get yourself to a tattoo shop now!

back tattooback tattoo

Which heart tattoo do you like best? Do you have a heart tattoo?

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