12 Nail Products that Will Transform Your Hands

Take a look at your hands. Are your nails neatly filed, your cuticles pushed back, and your knuckles soft and moisturized?

Or do your hands look like this, with too many hangnails to count, a jagged edge on the pinky nail, and skin that looks (and feels) like sandpaper?

In the raggedy hand camp with me? It's time for a change, because your hands say a lot about you -- everything from how old you are, to how good you are in bed. And I don't know about you, but I'd rather my hands not proclaim, "This woman is old, lazy, and bad in the sack."

That's why I just bought these hand and nail products that work instantly. They promise to give me softer hands, chip-free polish, and a life free from hangnails. Sound too good to be true? Check out these reader reviews and tell us: What are your hands saying about you?

No. 12: Cutex Quick and Gentle Instant Jar Nail Polish Remover, $2.50

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.6

Why: Multiple readers agree this product "is simple, and easy to use" and "a lot better than using a cotton ball." One woman says, "You just open [the jar], stick your fingertip inside the sponge, and twist. Then voilà! You're done! So quick and easy, and SO nice not to have a drippy mess." Others agree that it "saves a lot of time" and actually "smells pretty good for polish remover." One reader who works as a nail technician says she has "all [her] clients use it before they enter [her] salon and [she] finishes their manicures quickly." Overall, readers "highly recommend this product."

No. 11: Curel Targeted Therapy Fast-Absorbing Hand & Cuticle Cream, $5.89

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.7

Why: Numerous women rave that this cream "absorbs quickly" and "softens without making your hands greasy or slippery." One woman says, "It conditions my cuticles almost instantly, and is preventing my usual hangnails and peeling fingertips." Readers also note it's a "perfect size for a purse" and "it's also great for taming flyaway hairs and for putting on elbows, knees, heels." While some say they use it twice a day, one reviewer says, "I keep a tube at my desk and use it 10 times a day!" Another simply says, "I am hooked." In the end, "You must try it and see for yourself."

No. 10: CND Creative Nail Design Cuticle Eraser, $12

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.8

Why: "There is NO better way to take care of your cuticles. I love this product and use it faithfully twice a day," says one reader. Another admits, "I've been plagued by hangnails essentially for my entire life. My cuticles and the skin around the nail beds were chronically dry, cracked, and horrible. But that is all behind me thanks to this amazing stuff." Others agree it "keeps the area nice and moisturized" and has a "strong fruity fragrance" that's "not unpleasant." One woman says, "I've been a nail tech for eight years and LOVE this product. It's great for exfoliating away the dead excess cuticle." End result: "With regular use, hangnails will be a thing of the past."

No. 9: Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail, $3.99

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.8

Why: Reviewers who frequently wash their hands and consequently suffer from dry hands and cuticles claim this product "keeps hands smooth and moisturized while keeping nails soft and beautiful too." Others like that it "doesn't have a greasy feel" and "smells wonderful." One woman explains how she has bottles of this lotion readily available no matter where she is. "I have a tube in my purse, in my desk, and the big pump bottle on my dresser. Can't live without it. My hands know no other brand!" Another reader says it "helps nails grow" and is "good in a pinch for dry skin on elbows and knees too." To sum it up, "This is one of the best hand lotions on the market."

No. 8: Orly Bonder, $6.99

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 8.9

Why: With countless similar products on the market, reviewers swear this product is different from the rest. "I have used so many base coats, and this is heavenly. I will never use another again," says one woman. Another agrees, "My manicures last AT LEAST two weeks, which is great considering the fact that I use my nails as tools." One reader explains, "It's the first thing I reach for when I give myself a manicure at home. It's quick to dry and helps [keep] my polish from chipping." Others say this is "the absolute best nail product [they've] used" and "no matter what brand of color [they] put on top of it, [they] know it's going to wear well." In addition, "Orly does not test on animals. Bonus!"

No. 7: Avon NAIL EXPERTS Neat Nails Nail Enamel Corrector Pen, $6

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 9.0

Why: "I didn't used to polish my nails much because I was always so self-conscious of how sloppy I thought they looked," says one woman. "However, with this neat little touchup pen, I don't worry about it anymore. I love this!" Another reader agrees, "This gets even dark polish off of your skin; it really works. It's a must have in my nail polish bag." In addition, many readers say they "really depend on this product" and always buy three or four of these at a time." With its effective results, one reader reveals, "I'm pretty sure I get more polish on my fingers than I do my nails, but you'd never know it." This product is simply "crazy cool!"

No. 6: Sally Hansen Extra Strength Polish Remover For All Nail Types, $2.29

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 9.1

Why: Readers find this nail polish remover to be in a different league than others. "I thought most polish removers were the same -- until I used Sally Hansen's," says one woman. "This is the only one that gets off stubborn acrylic-based top coats without stripping your nails to death. This is great stuff!" Another reviewer raves, "With other removers I would have to go through a handful of cotton balls before I finally got all the polish off my nails. With this one, I need one cotton ball for each hand and that's it. Quite possibly the best polish remover I've ever used. Love it." Others find it "doesn't dry out your skin" nor does it "leave behind that yellowish tint that removers sometimes can." One woman says, "I won't use anything else."

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