3 Cures for Dry, Chapped Skin

Our top picks to cure dry, crackly handsEspecially in winter, hands have to withstand a daily onslaught of cold weather, dry heat, and harsh soaps. So the scientists in our Beauty Lab took up arms and gathered 22 creams, from drugstore staples to deluxe formulations. First we lab-tested moisturizing claims; then 260 testers tried the top 12 and weighed in on scent, silkiness, and how skin, nails, and cuticles felt post-slather. In the end, all our favorites kept on hydrating six hours after application - doesn't that deserve a hand?

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Here, our top 3 picks.

Best Overall
Eucerin Intensive Repair ($6, 2.7 oz., amazon.com)
The scent-free, nongreasy purse-size potion creamed the competition on hydration.

Best Splurge
Aveda Hand Relief ($21, 4.2 oz., amazon.com)
Pick this citrusy star, loaded with plant extracts, for quick absorption, major moisture, and nice conditioning for nails.

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Best Value
Vaseline Intensive Rescue ($4, 3 oz., amazon.com)
A lightweight workhorse: no fragrance, no greasiness, no big investment.

How do you care for your skin in winter? Let us know in the comments!

--By Good Housekeeping Research Institute

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