3 Easy Golden Globes Beauty Trends We're Stealing

3 Easy Golden Globes Beauty Trends We're Stealing3 Easy Golden Globes Beauty Trends We're StealingBy Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

As much as I love watching awards shows like Sunday night's Golden Globes, the fashion usually isn't exactly translatable to real life. Do I think, for example, that 2012 will present me with an occasion where I'll be wearing a mermaid gown like Reese Witherspoon's? Unlikely.

The same wasn't true, however, of the Globes' beauty trends this year. From stars' sparkling headbands to red lips and nail art, I haven't wanted to make so many celeb looks my own in years.


What to do with short hair for the red carpet can seem to stump even the most style-conscious stars. But Michelle Williams found the perfect solution at the Golden Globes--and it required nothing more than adding a shimmering headband.

How to do it off the red carpet: As quick-and-easy as they are elegant with short hair, headbands instantly change-up a pixie hairstyle while staying true to the integrity of the cut. An outfit doesn't need to be fancy in order to try the accessory either. A sparkle-free band in a pretty bright color or brushed metallic works really well at the office. Now I've just got to get up the nerve to finally try Williams's crop, too.


Angelina Jolie's Golden Globes look was voted a fashion win by 78% of iVillage readers-and it's easy to see why. Sure, it's classically glamorous, but what really set the look apart was the unexpected match-up of her lipstick: a true red in the same hue as her dress's collar and red satin clutch.

How to do it off the red carpet: A coordinated look like Jolie's is such an unexpected way to add pop to an outfit. A head-to-toe casual neutral, like tan or chocolate, would look amazing for everyday set off with nothing more than a cherry-colored cross-body bag and the same shade of lipstick.


Zooey Deschanel stayed true to her own brand of glamour at the Golden Globes, and while her quirky dress wasn't a hit with all iVillage readers, who couldn't love her nails, which were all dressed up for the night in mini-tuxedos of their own?

How to do it off the red carpet: While nail art isn't usually my thing, Zoe's manicure was a great reminder that big nights should be all about having fun. I'm pretty clumsy though when it comes to giving myself even the most standard of manicures--but that's not going to stop me from trying out the trend, which I'll accomplish with nail art stickers instead.

We had such a blast watching the Globes together at iVillage this year during our live chat, and there were definite style winners and losers in our discussion. But whose style did you find most inspiring?

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