3 Easy Steps to Covering Skin Flaws

Want to cover an unsightly spider vein? A blood vessel? A minor pimple? Sometimes it's the littlest of skin flaws that bother us the most. So we searched high and low for the speediest way to cover any flaw using makeup. And we found it from Darac, acclaimed celebrity makeup artist and owner of Darac Beauty.

We tried it. It takes seconds. And it works beautifully.

Step 1. Find a cream-based color-correcting product that works for your skin problem. Color-correcting products come in tints that even out or neutralize the color of the flaw. (The product packaging will tell you what they are to be used for. For example, if you are covering red splotches or veins, use a green-tinted concealer; to cover green undertones around the eyes, use golden-yellow concealer). Apply it with short dabbing motions over the area you want to cover, using the corner of a sponge, a brush, or your ring finger.

Step 2. Get out your translucent powder and gently tap a tiny fingerprint of powder over the color-correcting product to hold the color and absorb excess oils.

Step 3. Apply a dab of concealer that either matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter. Tap evenly and lightly over the area. Combining the two concealer shades help retain skin's natural tones. Skin is never just one color.

That's it!

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