3 Kardashian Products that (Shockingly) Work -- and 3 to Boycott

Have you heard of BoycottKim.com? It's a website where you can sign an online petition and pledge to boycott "any product sold or marketed by Kim Kardashian." This includes products like the Tria Beauty Hair Removal System, the Kardashian Kollection, and even sites like ShoeDazzle.

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Now, I'll be honest with you. I don't really have anything against Kim K. In fact, I'm sort of obsessed with her smoky eye makeup (see how her makeup artist creates the look here). But I still think this whole "boycott Kim" movement is pretty hilarious, so I decided to look into what kind of products she makes/endorses to see if they're really that bad.

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And … OK … maybe there's a good reason for the boycott. Some of the products she endorses don't even work. But I also found some Kardashian-branded items that are actually worth your hard-earned cash. So before you sign that petition, scroll down to see the best and worst products in the Kardashian franchise (or click here for the entire list).

Kardashian products that WORK:

1. Kardashian Kolors by Nicole OPI

There's really no way the Kardashian sisters could mess this one up. OPI makes great nail polish -- non-globby, chip resistant, and long lasting -- so we're already dealing with a quality product. But what about the Kardashian Kolors?

Surprisingly, the polishes come in some nice hues. Their new spring collection contains shades like a bright chartreuse called Ladies in the Limelight, $7, or a bold, orangey-red called Strike a Pose, $7. (You can pick them up at CVS.) Great colors and quality polish? Sign me up.

2. Belle Noel Jewelry

In January of 2011, Kim K. teamed up with GlamHouse to create her own line of jewelry that's "inspired by her travels around the globe." (Gag.) I know, it sounds totally cheesy, but surprisingly, I found that the jewelry is actually ... nice.

Ranging in price from $30 to $190, the line offers rings, necklaces, hair combs, bracelets, and belly chains in gold and silver. (Apparently, people still wear belly chains in the Kardashian world?) But most of the designs are cute, like Kim's coin cocktail rings and studs. And if that's not enough to lure you to Belle Noelle, consider this: We work with a graphic designer (she's got amazing style) who bought some pieces without knowing it was a Kardashian product, and she raved about the jewelry.

3. Kardashian Glamour Tan Self-Tanning Gel

What would a Kardashian be without her perma-tan? A. Pasty, and B. A Jenner. Luckily, their Kardashian Glamour Tan Self-Tanning Gel should keep them nice and golden for a long time -- or at least that's what the bottle promises.

Turns out, the claims on the bottle stand up to user reviews, with many people reporting that they love this product. One user says: "With most self tanners, I find them to be VERY drying. Not this one. It feels hydrating, which I believe makes for a more smooth, even application and end result." Other fans say Glamour Tan didn't turn their skin orange like they expected. "It's difficult to find a bronzer that doesn't make me look like an oompa loompa!" says one user. "This stuff gave me the most natural sun-kissed look a bottle can buy."

Kardashian products that SUCK:

1. ShoeDazzle

When fashion clubs began appearing on the web, ShoeDazzle, Kim's club that sells shoes, jewelry, and handbags, was one of the first on the scene. It got bad reviews in the beginning, but you would think they'd improve their product over time, right? Think again.

After joining the club and ordering some heels, one staffer found that her shoes started falling apart after just a few wears. And our editors weren't the only ones complaining. One shopper says, "A lot of the shoes just look gaudy to me," while another woman says, "Joining was the WORST mistake I've ever made. I've had to return every pair I've ever purchased except for one."

And that doesn't even cover all of the customer service complaints and scam warnings I found.

2. Quick Trim

I've always raised one eyebrow when a celeb endorses a diet pill. Of course, the Kardashian sisters don't seem to have a problem pushing QuickTrim, and both Khloe and Kim claim to have lost 15 pounds thanks to its weight loss promoting powers.

How does QuickTrim work? By giving your body an extra large dose of caffeine -- an unsafe and non-effective way to lose weight, according to the Federal Drug Association. Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman also warns that these pills work as laxatives, which can mean major diarrhea, dehydration, and constipation. Fun times!

3. Karadashian Khaos

Want a beach towel with Kim Kardashian's picture on it? How about a deck of cards with the whole Kardashian family plastered on the back? Or Khloe and Lamar face masks? I kid you not -- these items really are for sale at Kardashian Khaos, the Vegas Kardashian-themed store. Which leaves me with just one question: WHY?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Click here to see all of the best/worst Kardashian products that I found.

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