3 Last-Minute DIY Gifts Your Friends Will Love

No matter how carefully I put together my Christmas present excel sheet (yes, I am a nerd) I always forget someone at the last minute and have to scramble for a gift. Re-gifting is tricky, since I rarely remember who gives me stuff and the potential for that awkward moment when you re-gift to the giver is high.

My solution? To keep a few bottles of wine on hand as generic last minute gifts. And as I inevitably drink them before actually gifting them, these DIY presents:

Gift No. 1: Fabulous Feather Earrings
Perfect for your on-trend friend.

What you'll need:
2 packs of feathers (your preference of type and color)
Bead crimps
Fish hook earrings
Super glue
Needle nose pliers

Step 1: Gather a bunch of feathers and arrange them in varying lengths and colors. Feel free to get creative with this, there's really no "wrong" way to do it.
Step 2: Slip on the bead crimp (loop side up!) to the ends of the feathers and close them with the pliers. For additional reinforcement, add some super glue to the crimp.
Step 3: Wait until the super glue is dry before moving on. Hold the feathers up as they dry to avoid accidently gluing the crimp to your table (or worse, your fingers). Step 4: Loosen the loop attached to the earring hook with the pliers. Hook the fishhook earring onto the loop of the bead crimp.
Step 5: Repeat steps one through four for the other earring.

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Gift No. 2: All Natural Lip Stain
Eco-friendly chicks will love this homemade lip gloss that doubles as a blush.

What You'll Need:
1 beet (a pomegranate or strawberries will work too)
A few drops of olive oil
1 spoonful of powdered sugar
1 bowl
A chopping knife

Step 1: Chop the beet up then place into the bowl and microwave for 40 seconds to bring out the red juices.
Step 2: Mix the beet juice with olive oil, then mix in the powdered sugar.
Step 3: Apply to lips and cheeks!

*Source: planetgreen.com

Gift No. 3: T-Shirt Necklace
This is a great way to recycle that t-shirt you never wear.

What You'll Need:
A slightly stretchy cotton T-shirt (or two shirts if you want multiple colors)
Sharp scissors

Step 1: Lay the T-shirt flat and cut horizontal strips starting from the bottom. Discard the hem -- you won't be using it for this project.
Step 2: Pull each strip to stretch it out and make the edges curl inwards for a rope-y feel. You can also vary the length and width of the strands depending on how hard you pull on the strips of material.
Step 3: Arrange the strips to form a looped necklace (see picture). Try varying lengths of strips to give it more dimension and visual interest.
Step 4: To complete the look, bring the two ends together and wrap an extra piece of fabric around the loop seams to hide them.

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