The 3-Minute Mani

Photo: Courtesy of amazon.comPhoto: Courtesy of amazon.comGlamour magazine

No polish! Behold the easiest way to get perfect nails-and zero chips, ever.

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Step 1: File Nails

"Shape your nails into a soft square using a thin file," says celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi. "If the grain is rough, go in only one direction to avoid making ridges." A great fine-grain option: Sephora Collection Glass Nail File in Purple ($12,

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Step 2: Clean Up

Push back cuticles with an orange stick (metal is OK but not stone-that's best left for the pros). Then use either that little nipper tool or-less scary-a cuticle eraser. We like Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm ($8, at drugstores).

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Step 3: Buff 'em

"Find a buffer that has one fine-grain side and one rubber side," says Choi. "It won't wear down your nails." We like OPI Brilliance Block ($6, for salons). Go back and forth with the rough side, then repeat with the smooth side for crazy shine.

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