3 Nail Polish Colors Inspired by Celebrities

by Beth Shapouri

Last night's batch of red-carpet pics brought us three lovely nail polish shade ideas that seem refreshingly "summer 2013." Take a look and see if you don't get some inspiration for your next nail color session.

Idea 1 comes from Miranda Cosgrove. She went with a milky pink that's just white enough to look kind of cool and fresh instead of sweet and girlie. Shade to try: Butter London Teddy Girl.

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Idea 2 I spotted on Aisha Tyler. She went with a purple-y blue that would look amazing with a loose T-shirt and jeans or little white sundress. Shade to try: Maybelline Color Show in Sapphire Siren.

And idea 3 comes courtesy Shay Mitchell. She went for a citrus-y tangerine that turned her toes into an accessory. Bright, fun, and statement-y--a pretty great pedi choice. Shade to try: SpaRitual's Last Tango.

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Mirana Cosgrove, Aisha Tyler, Shay Mitchell; Getty ImagesMirana Cosgrove, Aisha Tyler, Shay Mitchell; Getty Images
Which one would you go for?

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