Instant Party Face Using 3 Products: Simple Tricks from the Pros

Photo: Getty ImagesIn a perfect world, we'd all get ready for a night out with plenty of time on our hands, a full makeup kit, lots of good, bright lighting, and a trusted, makeup-savvy best friend to guide you through whatever pitfalls (smoky eye meltdown! mismatched foundation!) that may come your way.

But in real life, party preparation often happens at the last minute, in uncomfortable circumstances, and with a random meager assortment of bottom-of-your-purse products. It happens to all of us, so your best defense is a good offense. We asked the experts how to navigate these tricky, photo-heavy, holiday season times and get party-pretty on the skimp with three simple products almost everyone has on hand.

Make that Lipstick WORK:
The number one tip from pros we came across was to multi-task your favorite lipstick. Lips, cheeks, eyes —   go for it. Top makeup artist Laura Geller advises taking one great lipstick — the one that flatters you, looks natural on you and works with your skin tone — and smudge it on lips, cheeks AND eyes. "Using the same color on both the apples of the cheeks, lips and eyelids instantly warms up your whole face and pulls together your look. Choose bronzy shades in fair skin and pinks on medium and dark complexions," Geller tells Yahoo Shine.

Others agree. Makeup up pro Sonia Kashuk added, "A tube of lipstick can be a lot of different tones, depending on how you apply it," she says. "You can make the color more subtle by mixing it with a lip balm or a lighter lip gloss, or blend it very well into lips to create a sheer stain. You can also increase the intensity of it by applying layers. It's so versatile, and can take your look from day to night, subtle to sultry."

Those not familiar with how to turn lipstick into blush, listen up: Lightly dot a bit of color onto the apples of your cheeks, then use your fingers to blend in a circular motion, a little at a time — you can always add more later — till you get a diffused, natural-looking glow. The most important factor is to blend the color very well into cheeks, to avoid a clown-like effect.

For those seeking a little more oomph, try using a classic red lipstick. Blended into lips and cheeks the effect is Snow White-rosy, and surprisingly natural-looking. Kashuk likes the power and versatility of a good blue-based shade. "It's such a transformative element. The right red lip will brighten the face and looks super feminine and sophisticated." So, find the right red and carry it with you everywhere, adding a tiny pop of it to cheeks for a bloom of color. "Keep the rest of the face fresh and allow lips to take center stage," adds Kashuk. "It's all about the power of one."

Face Powder is Your BFF:

Besides the fact that it's probably the one cosmetic with a built in mirror that we all have on hand, a good compact of translucent powder can work miracles. Got a pimple? Don't even bother with the concealer or foundation if you're pressed for time, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Frank tells Yahoo Shine. He recommends using a few pats of translucent powder to cut down shine and even out skin tone. Translucent powder gives a clean, uniform, shine-free finish that's as close to covered-up as you can get in a hurry. No, it won't totally cover up acne, but it also won't irritate it or, even worse, highlight it, as hastily-applied concealer so often does.

Face powder is also the trick to making everything from your eyeshadow and lipstick last twice as long. Between blots of lipstick, between layers of eyeshadow, dustings of bronzer — face powder really helps makeup cling to skin. And get this: It even helps bulk up your lashes. Apply one coat of mascara, dust on a thin coat of translucent powder onto lashes — yes, while the mascara is still wet — then top it off immediately with another coat of mascara. That touch of powder will add a surprising amount of bulk to skimpy lashes.

Add a Touch Shimmer:
If you really, really want to glow at the party, always carry some sort of shimmer for your face, whether it is a shimmery bronzer, silvery eyeshadow, or sparkling lip gloss. A little metallic goes a long way with minimal effort. Rea Ann Silva, makeup artist and creator of Beautyblender says, "Dot shimmery eye shadow onto the inner corners of your eyes. Celebs use this trick on the red carpet all the time. It's like a little spotlight that lights up your whole face in seconds." Kashuk also recommends adding a bit of sparkle:

"I always have a shadow compact with neutrals and also something with shimmer on hand for when I need to glam up quickly," she says. "Even a super-subtle, metallic-flecked beige shadow brushed along the eyelid  — especially paired with black eyeliner — transforms you."