3 Surprising Skin Saboteurs

Elizabeth Siegel, Allure magazine

There a lot of bad info out there surrounding breakouts-I mean, we're talking 1950s cliches that still seem to linger. Once and for all, acne isn't caused by chocolate or French fries; you can't scrub zits away by washing your face a zillion times a day; and you really shouldn't pop pimples, ever. But on the flip side, there are also some seemingly innocuous everyday items that just might be undermining your complexion, especially in the summer.

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1. Your sunglasses. Yes! I was shocked too! But you'd be surprised at how much bacteria can grow on your sunglasses or regular prescription glasses, says dermatologist David Bank of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in New York City. I know I'll start thinking twice about tossing my sunglasses in my bag or on top of any restaurant table. Fortunately, you can de-bug your shades by washing them with antibacterial hand soap and water every few days.

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2. Your cell phone.
"Technological petri dishes," says Bank. Phones pick up more bacteria than almost anything else, says Bank, who recommends cleaning yours with an antibacterial wipe, like one from Lysol, before each use (though once a day may be more realistic).

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3. Your makeup brushes.
They're "reservoirs for bacteria," according to Bank. To disinfect makeup brushes, spritz them with an antibacterial cleanser like BodyographyPro The Brush Off Anti-Bacterial Makeup Brush Cleanser once a week. Your skin will thank you.

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