3 Things to Do Before Every Date

Here we give you 3 quick and easy tricks that are a must before every date.

Masking Stake

Masking Stake
"Before a presentation or date, I always like to use a hydrating mask for 5-10 minutes for the antioxidant benefits," says Beauty.com Luxury Skincare and Fragrance Category Manager, Suzy Lang. "You can also use this time to check up on emails."

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Cardio Cuties

Cardio Cuties
Have five minutes to spare before going out? "Do 500 jogs in place for five minutes," recommends celebrity personal trainer Terri Walsh. "It will give your face and skin an overall, healthy glow without getting you sweaty."

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Neck Ties

Neck Ties
"For a leaner neck and a more sculpted jawline, brush matte bronzer along the jaw, the middle of the neck, and top of the chest," Kukendall recommends. "This instantly takes ten pounds off your face in photos!"

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