4 Beauty Tips Straight from a Photo Shoot

Courtesy of hsn.comCourtesy of hsn.comElizabeth Siegel, Allure magazine

One of the best parts of my job as Allure's beauty writer is getting to be on the set at photo shoots. I've picked up tons of amazing beauty tips from watching the best of the best in action. After each shoot, I come back with fresh advice to share in the pages of Allure-and to bolster my own makeup routine. For the September issue's Fall in Lust, I was lucky enough to watch makeup artist extraordinaire Tom Pecheux perfect fall's eight best makeup trends. Here are some of the tips I've been incorporating into my own daily routine ever since:

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Upgrade your cotton swabs: Instead of basic ones, try out extra thin cotton swabs such as these from Muji. Use them to sharpen the perimeters of your eye makeup (trace the edges with a dry swab) or to remove lipstick smudges in a cinch.

Curl just your outer lashes: It will have the effect of lifting your eyes and making them appear extra big, explains Pecheux. Use a mini eye lash curler such as Vincent Longo Mini Eyelash Curler.

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Experiment with liner: If you're going for smoky eyes, try lining your lower inner rims with creamy black pencil, and then erasing that line with a swab. "What's leftover near the lashes will create a soft, degraded look," he says. "Just lining the inner rims makes the eyes look too small."

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Bold lipstick requires prep work: You really do need to outline and fill in lips with a matching pencil first. It stops the lipstick from smudging, bleeding, and fading unevenly.

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