5 Ab Tightening Moves You Probably Haven't Tried

Fabio Heizenreder There's more to tight abs than just sit ups and crunches. Proudly show off your stomach poolside with these tummy tightening tips and tricks.

By Robyn Moreno

Go raw
"The secret to loosing belly fat and getting sexy abs is to eat your B.A.T.A.Y.A. (berries, almonds, tea, avocado, yogurt, and apples) regularly. Avoid high-sugar foods, refined carbs, and high-fat meats as much as possible," says nutritionist Jenny Patrizia.

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Lose your ab fat
Having trouble saying goodbye to annoying ab fat and thinking of liposuction or a tummy tuck? Think again, says Tina S. Alster, MD, director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery. "Those are major surgeries with serious recovery time." Instead, for ladies who can grab a handful of rolls, Alster recommends CoolSculpting, a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that freezes fat cells with a special device. Once frozen, fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body. Note: this is not intended for significant weight loss; it's for body contouring. Results can be seen in one visit, but it takes a few months for the full effect. Prices start at $600.

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Zap belly blemishes
If you have early (pink or red) stretch marks, try pulsed dye lasers; and if you have older (white or tan) stretch marks try Fraxel. "It's important for women of color to use a physician who treats patients of different ethnicities and has experience with lasers," says Alster. For cellulite, Alster recommends VelaSmooth treatments, which use radio frequency to tighten orange peel skin. Prices start at $200.

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Whittle that waist
Lindsay Lopez, owner of FORM Pilates NYC gives us a super fast belly blasting move. Start seated on your mat, knees bent, feet planted. Curl your hips under and create a "c-curve," take your hands behind your head. Twist your upper body to one side, hold for three counts and then untwist. Repeat.

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Try and ab burning sex move
Get on top and move your hips like you're belly dancing. It feels amazing and burns about 200 calories in 30 minutes. Giddy up!

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