5 Cheap, Instant Makeovers

Lucky magazine

1. Change your part. This completely reframes your face. Bonus: You get extra volume in the bargain!

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2. Go curly. New curl-smoothing-technology shampoos, stylers, etc. make even major curls easier to control, shinier and softer. If your hair's straight, clipless curling irons create ultra-natural waves.

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3. Give yourself highlights.
Just five to seven brighten and lift your whole face. Go no more than two shades lighter, and keep them just around your face. The effect is subtle but utterly transformative.

4. Get more volume. New hair-product technology gives you a huge head start. Use volumizing everything, and apply your mousse in clumps at your roots. Blow-dry, set with rollers and remember, Dry shampoo creates incredibly body.

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5. Go straight. Use a round brush and angle your blow dryer downward. Once hair is dry, smooth a heat protector, then flat-iron in sections, starting as close to the scalp as you can and smoothing all the wya to the tips.

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