5 Fabulous New Updos for Summer

Here at the Total Beauty offices, there is an unspoken competition between editors when it comes to wearing -- and flaunting -- the latest hair and makeup trends.

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Just because we like each other doesn't mean that we don't want to be the first one with, say, a caviar manicure or freshly tie-dyed hair and the fun thing is that everyone gets in on trying out the trends. After all, all's fair in love and beauty. But a few weeks ago we veterans were shown up by a new intern Christine. She sauntered in wearing a chic topknot with an upside-down French braid at the nape of her neck and we were impressed.

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Clearly, it was time to step up the old game., so I chatted with a few of the trendiest stylists I know to get their picks for the newest celebrity hairstyles and easiest-to-copy Pinterest picks. Keep reading to see five fabulous warm weather updos you'll want to try out this season (especially if your office is anything like ours).


The bohemian crown may have started off as a wreath of flowers, but now the look has evolved into a 360-degree braided headband. While I loved the braided crown on Sienna Miller and Emma Watson, I was intimidated by the level of difficulty this milkmaid-inspired style seemed to have. Luckily, Brian Zinno, senior education director of Antonio Prieto Salon in Los Angeles, assures me that "this look appears harder than it actually is." Get his how-to next:

How-to: Run a dollop of texturizing cream through your damp hair to smooth frizz and keep strands from slipping out of the braided crown, says Zinno. Starting just above the right ear, French braid a two-inch section of hair all the way around the hairline until you reach your starting point. With the remaining hair, continue braiding the section into a regular plait (that is not attached to your head) and secure ends with a clear elastic. Lay this braid right along the inner rim of the French braid, and keep it in place with bobby pins.


The looped pony has always been a lazy solution for sweaty days. But when Diane Kruger stepped out wearing this elegant version, I was shocked to see how a cute ponytail could instantly become an ultra chic, upside down chignon.

How-to: "Begin by using your fingers to rake hair off your face and into a ponytail at the crown," says Kris Sorbie, education artistic director at Redken 5th Ave. "This gives the surface an organic feel." Next, cover the elastic by wrapping a small section of hair around the base, tucking ends underneath. "Lightly backcomb the ponytail for volume and roll the ends outwards and upwards to the top of the crown," says Sorbie. "Pin ends at the base and gently tug ponytail for a fanned out effect." Finish with a healthy mist of hairspray to keep all strands in place.

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Who doesn't love a gorgeous ballerina bun? While the term "sock bun" may make you cringe, there is no easier way to fake the big bun effect -- especially if you have lifeless, flat strands.

How-to: There are plenty of ways to create the sock bun (proof: the hundreds of tutorials on YouTube), but both Sorbie and Zinno agree the best way is the rolling technique. Using scissors, cut off the toe section of a darkly colored or black sock. Roll sock into a donut shape. Pull hair back into a ponytail and pull the ends of your pony through the hole in the center of the sock. "Spread the tips of your hair over the sock and tuck under, covering the sock," explains Sorbie. Slowly roll the sock down towards the base. With each flip downward, your hair will roll along with the sock, dispersing over the fabric. Pin hair at the base to secure the bun.


I was just as excited as the rest of the world when Kate Middleton finally wore an updo this summer. Not only because the lovely braided bun was sophisticated with just the right amount of texture, but also because it's now my go-to style for the upcoming weddings on my schedule.

How-to: Create a side part and smooth hair back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. "Leave out 2-inch sections just above the ear on each side," says Zinno. "Braid these sections as well as the ponytail." You should now have three braids: one large and two smaller side braids. Gently loosen the ponytail by tugging outward on the big braid, then wrap the braided ponytail around the base, pinning as you go. Take the two side braids and criss-cross them at the base, pinning the remaining ends underneath the wrapped pony.

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French braiding the sides of your cute ponytail will give your look more texture and allow a modern pouf on top, says Zinno. The best part? Unwashed hair is ideal for this effect as it already has a messy texture. Get Zinno's tips on how to get the look:

How-to: Spritz dry shampoo at the roots of your hair to boost volume. Split your hair from ear to ear, and tie your lower half out of the way. Then, split the top layer of hair into three equal sections: left, center, and right. Clip the middle section out of the way, then French braid the left section of hair, starting from your hairline until you reach the back of your head, where your pony would sit. Pin to secure, then repeat on the other side. "Pull the bottom half of hair into a ponytail at the crown," says Sorbie. "Then braid the three top sections together and wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail, hiding the elastic."

To see more inspiring summer hairstyles including our intern's topknot with upside down French braid, click here.

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