5-Minute Makeup: Look Rested and Ready, Even If You're Not

5-minute makeup: look rested and ready, even if you're not5-minute makeup: look rested and ready, even if you're notEven though I have a beauty blog chock-full of beauty tutorials and makeovers, the truth of the matter is that on most mornings, I have about 5 minutes to get my haggard face out the door. As much as I would like to skip makeup completely during my crazed mornings, I'm 37 and need a little help. A fresh face does not come naturally anymore, but never fear, I have nailed a 5-minute routine that will trick most bystanders into thinking I'm the most well-rested, zen woman out there. The best part about my routine? All you need are your fingers. No brushes necessary.

Step 1. Concealer

Ladies, long nights and poor nutrition can wreak havoc on your face. I prefer using a light-reflecting concealer to help minimize the darkness around my eyes and nose. Usually, these concealers are in a liquid form, so they are easy to blend without creating streaks or mismatched tones. Just place a few dots under and around the eye area and nose, blend with your fingers, and you will instantly look less tired and more alert.

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Step 2. Eyelash Curler

If you haven't started using an eyelash curler, what are you waiting for? Curling your eyelashes completely wakes up your eyes! Even if I don't have time to put on additional eye makeup, I always curl my lashes. It takes all of 20 seconds and makes a world of difference.

Step 3. Mascara

Once those eyelashes are curled, applying a little bit of mascara to your peepers is crucial. Start at the base of your eyelashes and wiggle upward and outward, creating a natural, feathery look. And don't think you need to buy super fancy mascaras - my favorites are usually drugstore brands.

Step 4. Blush

For that flushed, healthy look we all effused in our younger day, try a cream blush! Cream blushes create a dewiness that powder blushes just can't. Apply a dab of cream blush to the lower part of the apple of your cheek, and blend upward and outwards for a lovely flush.

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Step 5. Lip Gloss

Perfect that pout with a slightly shimmering shade of lip gloss. Neutral pinks and nudes are great for everyday, and won't stain anyone you smooch.

There you have it! Honestly, how easy was that? Once you get this routine down pat, you can be out the door with a fresh face in less than 5 minutes total.

- By Sarah James

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