5 Nail Polish Fixes that Don’t Involve Chipped Nails


By Lily di Costanzo

While I usually wouldn't call myself much of a pack rat, I've come to realize that I have a very strange aversion to throwing away nail polish. Maybe it's just the fact that I love the way the pretty little bottles look, but I'd hasten to say that maybe a fourth of my nail polish collection is utterly unusable - just totally gloppy in that way that nail polish gets after a while (why? Any readers out there nail-art scientists?) Shackled with all of this polish (and very little cabinet space), I took to Pinterest to see how I could re-purpose these seemingly useless bottles. Why? Because Pinterest has an answer for everything. This I firmly believe.

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To my delight, Pinterest proved it self to me once again by providing all sorts of DIY tutorials that put these once loved nail colors back to use.

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Got an old bottle of polish on your hands? Try out one of these ideas:

· Dress up plain bobby pins with a little color and sparkle by giving them a fresh coat of paint.

· Use a matte nail color to paint hand paint inexpensive jewelry (also a great way to cover up that tarnished look cheap metals get).

· Use a dab of clear nail polish to keep a button from coming loose, or to keep tights from running!

· Add a stylish pop of color to plain flats by painting on a neon stripe or two.

What have YOU done with your nail polish? (Besides an at-home mani-pedi!)

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photocredit: RadicalPossibility.com