5 Outrageous Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Are Real

Ms. Sausage Queen, 1955Ms. Sausage Queen, 1955If you ever thought it was strange that a Miss America contestant's talent during that portion of the competition was a hillbilly impression (Miss New Jersey, 1960), or a ventriloquist interpretation of Laverne & Shirley (Miss Tennessee, 1981), then you really don't know much about the history of beauty competitions. The talent portion of the Miss America pageant is nothing in comparison to the odd beauty titles that have graced some stages over the past century. Check out 5 of the most bizarre "beauty" titles - possibly ever:

Miss Diaper QueenMiss Diaper Queen
1. Miss Diaper Queen
Betty Barrett was crowned Ms. Diaper Queen in 1947 at a convention for the Diaper Service Institute of America in Chicago. At one time the Diaper Service Institute of America had member companies that "washed, sterilized and delivered 40 million diapers" weekly. Cloth diapers for the win.

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Miss American VampireMiss American Vampire
2. Miss American Vampire
In 1970, Jonathan Frid crowned New Jersey-native Christine Domaniecki Ms. American Vamire. According to Dark Shadows in the Press, the producers of the film House of the Dark Shadows wanted to promote the film in advance by staging a Miss Vampire America contest. Girls 18-25 "were invited to produce the most imaginative vampire look" in a pageant hosted by Regis Philbin. She vants to vank the vacademy.

Miss Idaho PotatoMiss Idaho Potato
3. Miss Idaho Potato, 1935
No potatoes were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

Miss NASA Beauty QueenMiss NASA Beauty Queen
4. Miss Nasa Beauty Queen
For several years in the mid 20th century, NASA held beauty pageants at their centers to give women the opportunity to become Queen of Outer Space, according to Lori Garver, Deputy Administrator at NASA (via Teen Skepchick). It was a tradition that began in 1952 "with a spring dance that culminated with the coronation of a queen." The winners were clearly out of this world.

Miss Sausage QueenMiss Sausage Queen5. Miss Sausage Queen, 1955
Geene Courtney, National Hot Dog Week, Zion Meat Company The USA National Hot Dog and Sausage Council designated July "National Hot Dog Month," and the group offers etiquette tips on hot-dog eating. She's a wiener, alright.

-By Meredith Carroll
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