5 New Tattoo Designs You Have to See

I love tattoos … well, maybe not these seriously ugly ones. I have four, but the last time I went under the needle was a few years ago. (For all those newbies out there, read this guide before getting your first tat.) As much as I want more, I haven't found an idea that's worth putting on my body permanently.

Then, I was asked to find some of the coolest and newest tattoo ideas right now (see them here). As I dug around, I was surprised by how many designs I really loved. My faves? Abstract art (think Jackson Pollack), white ink, and watercolor cherry blossoms. Uh, I think I'm ready for my fifth. Time to make an appointment.

thisisnotareality.wordpress.comthisisnotareality.wordpress.comColorless Contrast

While wrist tattoos are a popular option, you can make yours unique by using white ink. Keep in mind, these tattoos tend to fade over time, and look somewhat scar-like. Your best bet is to get something small that doesn't need much filling.

liveloveefashion.tumblr.comliveloveefashion.tumblr.comFancy Fingers

Finger tattoos are a nice combo of edgy and subtle. It's small, you can keep it hidden when you want, but it definitely makes a statement when shown.

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amandawachobtattoo.comamandawachobtattoo.comAbstract Expressionism

Abstract tattoos allow you to unleash your creativity and have fun with colors, shapes, and styles. To make the look even better, be sure to tell your tattoo artist to add some solid, purposeful elements like a pattern or clearly defined outlines. But really, it's all about embracing the beauty of mistakes, a la Jackson Pollack.

swallowtheknife.tumblr.com/swallowtheknife.tumblr.com/Backbone Bravery

For the more daring ink lovers, consider tattoos that use the location on your body as part of the design. This creepy trail up the spine fits so well you'd think those insects were actually on the move.

tattoos-and-art.comtattoos-and-art.comBlooming Blossoms

Are creepy crawlers on your back too much for you? How about some watercolor-esque cherry blossoms to ease your tension?

Click here to see four more cool, new tattoo designs.

Now tell me: Which tattoo design would you consider? Or what things do you look for when choosing your tattoos? Leave your answer in the comment box below.

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