5 Things to Avoid when Whitening Your Teeth

#1. False Hopes
The pros remind us that artificial dental work, such as fillings, caps, crowns, and veneers, can't be lightened. Don't plan on seeing any improvement if you have any discoloration.

#2. Coffee
When you're whitening your teeth, avoid things that stain like tea, red wine, and, of course, coffee. "If you absolutely need your cup of joe in the morning, brush your teeth immediately afterward to prevent it from soaking through your teeth," says cosmetic dentist Dr. Gregg Lituchy.

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#3. Fruit Juice
There's more to be wary about than the traditional culprits. "I recommend avoiding abrasive toothpastes, carbonated drinks, and fruit juices with high acidity two weeks prior to your treatment," says cosmetic dentist Dr. Ramin Tabib. They can all enhance tooth sensitivity - ouch!

#4. Over-Bleaching
Bleaching can actually make teeth lighter than their normal color, while whitening only removes surface stains. Never undergo in-office procedures more than once a years since bleaching makes teeth more porous, resulting in increased fragility and sensitivity.

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#5. Pregnancy
We know, even mamas-to-be want pearly white grins. Still, doctors are often wary about okay'ing whitening since they aren't sure about potential damage to a fetus.

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