5 New Ways to Use Q-Tips

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Guys, believe it or not, my must-have beauty tool isn't a fancy foundation sponge (though I do love a good Beauty Blender) or a super-fancy hair iron (and I may or may not live for good curling wand). It's actually something I've been using since I was a kid, costs less than $5 for a three month supply and has been around since the 1920s. Can you guess what it is?

To smudge liner on my bottom lid:
I love to use a brush on my top lid to smudge sexy, smoky liner, but any kind of eyeliner brush is always way to thick to use on my bottom lids. Instead, I wipe a brush with gel liner (like Bobbi Brown's) of onto a Q-Tip after smudging, and blend the swab along the bottom lash line for a skinny-but-messy look.

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To cover up up stretch marks:
Dip a Q-Tip into a in a tiny bit of self-tanner (try a gradual formula if you're self-tanner-shy) and gently roll back and forth over a stretch mark. It'll tint the line just enough to help it blend with the rest of your skin. Obvs this isn't a permanent solution, but it's the perfect quick fix if you've got a date with your bikini in the very near future.

To keep hair dye from dying your scalp:
Since I used to dye my hair a raven-like black (not unlike JLaw's new 'do!), this trick has saved me a bunch of times. First, use one Q-Tip to roll a petroleum-based gel, like Aquaphor, onto the edges of your scalp to block the dye from running on to your pretty face. Grab a second one to wipe away any stray dye after completing -- you won't ruin a single towel, swear.

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Erasing stained nails: You guys know I love funky nail polish, but it can seriously stain my nails. Just steep a Q-Tip into some hydrogen peroxide and rub over stains -- the hydrogen peroxide helps bleach out any stains so my nails look somewhat human again.

Emergency perfume:
I run around like crazy and often head out on a date after spending a solid 9 hours at school and an hour at the gym. So, I like to spritz my favorite perfume on a few Q-tip and stick 'em in a baggie. Then, right before my date, I dab behind each ear and on my wrists. Instant pick me up!

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