6 Best Brow Growth Serums

Back in the '90s, pencil thin was in when it came to eyebrows. I was obsessed with keeping mine as slender as possible so I tweezed, waxed, and threaded my brows until they were barely there.

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Then Jennifer Lopez came on the scene, and one of the first things I noticed about the singer was her thicker arches. She became my inspiration to finally put down the tweezers and cancel my weekly waxing appointments.

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I've got one little problem, though: My eyebrows are still struggling to grow back after years of plucking. So I've learned to fake it. Gels, pencils, and powders -- I've tried them all. But these imitations just don't look as good as the real deal; my drawn in arches look fake and simply can't compare to the natural bush seen on all of the runways and magazine spreads these days.

Which is why I decided to put down the pencil, and pick up a growth serum. We rounded up reviews from our beauty editors, experts, and Total Beauty readers to find the growth serums that actually work. See which 6 treatments are worth your investment now.


When I interviewed brow guru Malynda Vigliotti for this story on the best and worst celebrity eyebrows, I complained to her that my own brows seemed stunted. "Have you tried Latisse?" she asked casually. I hadn't, mainly because it's prescription and for growing eyelashes, not brows, but I made a mental note to get my hands on some. A few weeks later I serendipitously received a Latisse sample from a dermatologist. I began applying it -- just one drop per brow -- every night. Within a month, I noticed some significant growth: Baby hairs were sprouting up around my eyebrows. They're finer than my regular brow hairs, but they're definitely there and my brows look fuller overall.

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Countless brow experts recommend Rogaine -- the five percent Minoxidil version, applied with a Q-tip -- to help regrow brows. Unlike Latisse, you have to use it twice a day, and it might be six months before you see results. While I personally never had the patience to try it for that long, I know more than one editor who swears by this treatment. Since it's designed to prevent hair loss, it's probably better suited for someone who already has a good amount of hair but wants to hold onto it longer, rather than someone with barely-there brows.


One of my editor friends has been taking Viviscal for a few months, and she's thrilled with the results. Her original goal was longer, thicker hair, but she's found that the growth isn't only on her head -- she now needs to shave her legs and tweeze her brows twice as often as before. It's a bummer for her legs, but great for her skimpy brows. This supplement contains a combination of marine proteins, acerola cherry (an antioxidant), and horsetail extract, a form of silica -- all of which are good for promoting healthy hair growth and hydrated follicles.


Brow guru Anastasia Soare developed her own product to condition brows and prevent breakage. The serum contains peptides, vitamins, and botanical extracts -- and it feels cool and soothing when you put it on. "I purchased this product and in a couple weeks noticed regrowth of the area," one TotalBeauty.com reviewer writes. "I now use it to maintain brow fullness and shape."


The average reader rating for this product is a 7.6, but that's only because the reviews are vastly different. Some reviewers didn't notice any difference at all, while others were thrilled with the product. "My brows would not grow back in certain places, and I had a scar on my right eyebrow from surgery," writes one reader. But after using this product, "my brows are now long with a nice arch, and their color is awesome … you will see a difference, possibly as early as three weeks."


This peptide, vitamin, and mineral-based serum is ideal if you're looking to treat both your brows and your lashes. While most of our reviewers have used it on their lashes, we've heard success stories with brows as well.

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