6 Easy Tips on How to Get Your Feet Sandal Ready

With expert advice from Marla Malcolm Beck, your feet will be gorgeous looking, smooth, sexy and ready for your favorite pair of sandals in no time!

-Nalissa Cuthbert, BettyConfidential.com

pretty feetpretty feet

Spring is finally here! Preparing your feet for flip flops and sandals is an essential, but fun task this time of year. We've got expert advice from Marla Malcolm Beck, co-founder of BlueMercury on how to make your feet look like they've never been stuffed in boots all winter long! Say hello to your favorite pair of slingbacks!

1. Exfoliating is a MUST!

There's no better way to free your feet from dry, cracked skin than exfoliating. If you're wondering how often is too often, don't be afraid to scrub on a regular basis! Marla says, "The skin on the feet is very thick so you can exfoliate every day, but twice a week should be sufficient."

To get started Marla suggests dry exfoliating the built up, callused areas with a foot file first. "This helps to remove the outer layer of dead skin." Then soak feet in a foot bath for 15 minutes and follow with an exfoliating scrub.

One to try:

champneys foot scrubchampneys foot scrub

Champneys foot scrub ($7.99, target.com). The soft Jojoba beads gently remove dead skin while tea tree and olive oils moisturize the skin. Not to mention added ingredients like peppermint and orange that make the scrub smell delicious enough to eat!

2. Nurse your feet at bedtime

Setting up a nighttime regimen can really help rejuvenate tired, dry feet. While you're catching zzz's, your moisturizers can work their magic. Marla suggests taking a hot shower to soften the skin for exfoliating, then followed with a hydrating cream and snuggly socks to seal in moisture.

We recommend:

apotheke body polishapotheke body polish

Apotheke: M Blackcurrent Fig Smoothing body polish ($8.99, target.com). The apricot seeds will buff away dull skin while the fig, macadamia nut, and Shea butter detoxify and moisturize. It's the perfect bedtime snack-for your feet!

Follow up with:

apotheke body cremeapotheke body creme

Apotheke:M Mandarin Guava Enriched body crème ($8.99, target.com) for hydrated, velvety skin and throw on a pair of socks to lock in all that goodness. As Marla says, "Your feet will be super smooth in the morning."

3. Make sure your feet stay moisturized, but don't overdo it!

Moisturizing is key to getting the life back in your feet! While out shopping, Marla recommends products infused with Shea butter. "(It) is super emollient and creates a barrier on the skin to trap in the body's natural moisture." Keeping feet lubricated also prevents strappy sandals from causing blisters or cuts.

To avoid greasy, overly moisturized feet, Marla suggests using sparing portions of lotion and wipe off any excess before putting on shoes.

Two of our favorites:

champneys foot butterchampneys foot butter

Champneys foot butter ($8.99, target.com). Along with Shea butter, it includes Vitamin E, panthenol, and olive oil to energize feet without all the extra grease.

ahava dead sea essentialsahava dead sea essentials

Dead Sea Essentials by Ahava Tea Tree Oil foot cream ($10.49, target.com). It's a light and nurturing lotion that contains anti-oxidant rich avocados and Tea Tree oil for healing.

4. Cuticle oil moisturizes toes, too!

We all know cuticle oil is used to moisturize and repair dry, cracked fingernails, but did you know it serves the same purpose for toenails?

Marla's pick:

deborah lippmann cuticle removerdeborah lippmann cuticle remover

Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover with Lanolin ($20, nordstroms.com)

Follow it up with:

rich girl creamrich girl cream

Deborah Lippmann Rich Girl Hand and cuticle cream SPF 25 ($28, bluemercury.com). Instead of soaking cuticles, just apply the remover and gently push them back. The cuticle cream also rids toenails of dry skin, adding extra moisture in no time!

5. Keep a pedicure regimen

Who doesn't love a soothing, pampering pedicure? We do! We do! We've always wondered how many times a month we should go to keep our feet in tip-top shape. Marla suggests a pedicure every two weeks is the best way to keep them looking healthy and of course, sexy.

6. Shape your nails

Marla states, "For the health of your toes, nails should not over extend the actual toe and feel comfortable in a shoe… consider the shape of your own toes. Are they more rounded or square? Matching your own shape gives you more surface area for the polish!"

Tell us: what's your favorite part of the pedicure? Is it the massage or picking your polish?

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