6 Fast Hair Care Tips

By Stacey Colino

Learn how to remove static, boost volume, smooth frizz, and defeat more beauty nightmares with these quick hair-care tips.

Mary RozziHow to: Fix Limp Hair

To revive limp hair during the day, flip your head over, spray hair spray on the roots, then flip it back. You'll get instant volume that you can shape with your fingers.

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How to: Banish Staticky Hair

To stop static, smooth a dryer sheet down your strands from roots to ends (this really works) or lightly spritz hair spray onto your brush and run it through your hair. Sprinkling water on your hands and passing them over your hair can help stop static in a pinch, too, because static is a result of moisture loss.

How to: Color-Correct Your Dye Job

If you've colored your hair too dark, you can try to restore it to less of a shoe-polish hue by immediately shampooing with dish soap, such as Palmolive.

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How to: Nix Frizz

In the absence of anti-frizz serum, apply a few drops of a light lotion (a cream is too heavy) to your palms and smooth them over the top of your hair. For finer hair, use hair spray instead to avoid a greasy result.

How to: Freshen Up Post-Workout Hair

Spruce up grungy-looking hair post-workout by sprinkling a bit of dry shampoo or baby powder at the roots; then work it through with your fingers. Or add some pomade. Its thick texture hides sweat and grease. Scrunch it in for a purposely piecey effect.

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How to: Disguise a Thinning Mane

To disguise a widening part, dust a colored hair-thickening powder, such as Toppik Hair Building Fibers Starter Kit ($35, sephora.com), right onto the skin, says Ted Gibson, the owner-stylist of the Ted Gibson salons, in New York City and Fort Lauderdale. The fibers in the powder cover both hair and skin.

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