6 Grooming Products to Steal from the Boys

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When it comes to beauty products, most women have their go-tos but are always looking for the next big thing. Whether it's that elusive lotion that will finally nix our lizard skin or something to wipe away that painful razor burn plaguing our legs, we will scour the beauty aisles of drug stores looking for that miracle product that will remove all of our beauty woes. But what if someone told you there were products that could work wonders hiding in the last place you'd expect them to be . . . the men's section. That's right; there are many male-targeted products that can come to your rescue when your beauty regimen is in need of a boost. Click through for six grooming goodies to bag from the boys.

  • Two For One: Dove makes it easy on men when it comes to keeping clean. The brand's Men+Care line includes a body and face wash ($5) so the boys can kill two birds with one stone. Why should they have all the fun? Pick up your own bottle and cut some time out of your morning routine.
  • Bumps Be Gone: Men have to deal with razor burn in the one place it's difficult to hide - their face. Because of this, Jack Black has created a razor bump treatment ($25) to keep the unsightly burn at bay. It does double duty, too; apply it on your bikini line to help heal razor burn and on your face to help kick acne to the curb.
  • Cream of the Crop: Thankfully, men usually wise up and toss their crunchy gels after the age of 15 in exchange for pomade. Baxter's Cream Pomade ($18) is a good call for you, too. Swipe it over your locks to remove frizz and add a perfect dose of texture.

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  • Silky Smooth: The hair on men's faces is much coarser than the hair we banish from all over our bodies. To combat the fuzz, men's razors have four to five blades (as opposed to some women's razors that have a dinky two to three), which help deliver a closer shave. Schick's Hydro 5 razor ($12) is made for the boys, but it'll make your limbs smooth too.
  • Sweat Be Gone: While it may not be the best-smelling thing in the world, men's deodorants usually work better when it comes to kicking sweat to the curb. So while you may want to stick to your cotton-scented deodorant for everyday wear, test out Speed Stick Power Ultimate Sport ($3) for those extra-hot days or when you're powering through a workout.
  • Trouble: Two-for-one deals are fairly standard when it comes to men's grooming, like Vaseline Men's Face and Body Lotion ($6). If you have dry skin, then this is a perfect product to use all over your body. So quit messing around with numerous lotions, and can play like the boys by moisturizing all over in one shot.

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