6 Hair Conditioning Tips You Probably Don't Know

Hair Conditioning Tips You Probably Don't KnowHair Conditioning Tips You Probably Don't Know
Like last week's post on shampooing, I'm here today to dish out my best tips and secrets on conditioning your hair for the greatest results possible.

1. Find the right one for your needs.
Like all products, you need to find the right conditioner for your hair type. Consult your stylist for help choosing one. You might just need a standard conditioner for normal hair, or you might need something heavier/richer if you have processed or dry ends. If you feel that your hair hair tends to be weighed down, volumizing conditioner is the way to go. Those for volume are much lighter than those for moisturizing.

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2. Pay attention to application.
Always start at your ends and work upwards when conditioning your hair. There isn't much need for conditioner at the roots, because your scalp will create natural oils up there. I don't apply anywhere above my chin. It will only weigh down your hair more, and make your hair look greasy sooner.

3. Comb through.

This is important to make sure the product is reaching all of your hair. Not only is it the easiest way to detangle your hair, but it also helps keep it from tangling after it dries. Conditioner also protects your hair from daily damage. So make sure you comb through. I just use my fingers.

4. Let it sit.
Always let your conditioner sit in your hair for a few minutes so it can penetrate the cuticle. The more moisture your hair has, the more damage it can prevent. Rinsing well with cool water will close the cuticle, locking in the conditioner.

5. Consider a mask.
I always suggest that my clients do a mask every few weeks. It's a more intense conditioning treatment that keeps your hair the healthiest. This is especially important if you heat style and/or chemically treat your hair. Your can buy your own mask and do it yourself every two or three weeks, or you can pop into the salon for a treatment once in a while. These usually sit on your hair for about 10-20 minutes, but can really be left on as long as you want. Masks are definitely too heavy to use every time you condition, so investing in a good (expensive) mask will be worth it since it will last you so long.

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6. Repairing isn't possible.
A lot of commercials claim their conditioners "repair damage". The truth is that the only way to get rid of damage is to cut it off. Conditioners will only strengthen your hair to prevent more damage, or make the damage look better, but they can't repair broken or split ends. Keep that in mind when you going through a bottle each week and your split ends aren't vanishing like you thought they might.

My very favorite conditioners are Sachajuan, Oribe, Pureology, and Leek Look. The best mask I've ever used is by Kerastase.

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