6 Tips to Make Your Mani Last

We all know how frustrating it can be when your freshly manicured nails begin to chip a mere day or two after you've painted them. No one has time to remove the polish and re-paint every other day, and I know I don't have the means to visit a salon every Saturday. So I came up with 6 DIY tips and tricks to increase the staying power of your favorite polish.

1. Begin with clean nail beds. It is annoying to have to scrub every speck of polish off our nails, and if we're opting for a darker hue, that's even more of a reason not to bother. However, leftover nail color can totally sabotage your new mani. The fresh nail paint will chip much quicker laying on top of old polish than it would directly on clean nails.

2. Push back cuticles. If you take the extra two minutes, it will enable you to easily access the inner corners of your nails. Otherwise, the parts you missed will end up looking chipped.

3. Always use a base coat. None of us would forget to finish off with a topcoat, but so many skip the initial round! This prep-step is super important because it gives your polish something extra to stick onto.

4. Paint the edges. The first little chips begin at your nail's free edge. Prevent this from happening by simply swiping a coat of polish around the edges, and slightly beneath the tips of your nail. Repeat with the topcoat.

5. Don't over-paint. While it may seem like superfluous coats will lengthen the life of your mani, it is just the opposite. Once you get past three coats, the formula will thicken and the polish will chip in big clumps. Over-layering will also result in a much longer drying process, making it easier to chip in the first hour or two.

6. Re-apply your favorite topcoat every two to three days. The first layer to go is always the topcoat, and chances are, it will start to chip in the first two or three days. Re-swipe a thin layer of topcoat to continue protecting the color underneath. Try Seche Vite for a quick-drying, ultra-shiny finish, or Essie Matte About You for a trendy matte finish.

What's your DIY mani tip?

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