6 New Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

By Alison Blackman, Daily Makeover

Hairspray No doubt, you already know by now that dry shampoo is a serious lifesaver. It can remove dirt, sweat, and oil, and extends the life of your blowout, giving you more time between washes.

Turns out, there are a few other things you can do with dry shampoo. Use it for one or all of these beauty tricks to squeeze more out of yours.

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Secure an Updo
Did you ever try to hold an updo or bun on clean hair, only to find that the pins give you the slip? Dry shampoo can help your hair grip the pins. Here's how: Apply the dry shampoo to your roots and let it sit. Brush it out, but leave a little in so those pins have something to grab onto.

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Add Instant Volume
Dry shampoo adds instant volume to thin or limp hair, a trick pros have discovered. To try this trick, flip your hair upside down and spray the roots. Let it sit for a moment, shake the roots with your fingertips, flip your head back up, and go.

Get Extra Hold
Use dry shampoo as your go to product instead of reaching for the hairspray. It will give you texture and a little bit of hold, but not with the same kind of intensity as a traditional styling product.

Go Matte
Into the matte trend? Spray dry shampoo on the middle of your hair to the ends to add a shine-free finish to your hair.

Freshen Up
Whether you just hit the gym or cooked up a storm, smelly locks aren't ideal. Give your hair an all-over spritz and wait two minutes (the spray will absorb the odor). Then, brush it out and go.

Create a "Wig"
Here's an easy way to save for Halloween: Buy a can of dry shampoo, spray the entire thing in your hair, and tease it for an instant Bride of Frankenstein-style wig.

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