60-Second Smoky Eyes: The Ultimate Sultry Look for Fall


photo: Getty Images This fall is all about the smoky eye — that sexy, smoldering look that captivates admirers from across the room, kind of like the cosmetic equivalent of a little black dress and heels. The results may look like the handiwork of a professional makeup artist, or hours spent in front of a mirror, but the look is pretty easy to create. And quick. 

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“There is a classic elegance to a sultry smoky eye,” top makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, who’s worked with  everyone from supermodel Cindy Crawford to girl-next-door actress Keri Russell, tells Yahoo Shine. “Everyone should feel confident wearing it.” 

Now, going dark and mysterious isn’t the only way to achieve this seductive look. Lighter colors like taupe and gray also work well and have the same intoxicating effect. “You can really use any color you desire,” says Kashuk. All that matters is that you blend out the color so it’s intense at the lash line, then fades seamlessly onto the lid. The key component to this 60-second transformation is lots of blending.  “Make sure everything is buffed and smudged — you never want to see where color ends or begins,” Kashuk says.

So how exactly do you get Kristen Stewart's trademark look? First, you must have the following:

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Photo: Getty Images Step 1:Take your pencil and line your lower lashes right on the inner rim of the eye. Then draw a nice thick line along the entire top row of lashes, winging out a bit toward the corners for a more dramatic look. The line doesn’t have to be perfect, since it’s going to get blended, but it should be close to the lash line.

Step 2: Using a brush or a Q-tip, blend the color all over the lid and into the socket. Remember to keep the color dark at the lashes, then lighter as you blend out. 

Step 3: Brush on two coats of mascara. This is totally essential — you can’t have puny lashes with a smoky eye.

To top it off, Kashuk suggests pairing the look with a coral-peach blush on the cheeks for some healthy color, along with a soft nude lip shade. And there you go. Instant gorgeous.


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