7 Beauty Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

I opened a Twitter account so that I could stalk my new crush.

I know, I know, it's wrong.

But because he tweets about everything from what he had for lunch to where he's going for happy hour, it's easy to "accidentally" bump into him with plenty of conversation fodder.

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Of course, it looks a little odd if I'm only following one tweeter, which is why I'm now following these 7 beauty experts.

And let me tell you, their tweets are a lot more riveting than the stuff my future boyfriend is posting. I'm now getting daily makeup tips from Bobbi Brown; news of the latest rock star ingredient I must have in my skin care from dermatologist Katie Rodan, MD; and all kinds of inspired hairstyle ideas from celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves.

So while my crush is turning out to be more dud than stud, I'll be staying on Twitter for these beauty pros' wealth of info. Who else should I follow?


Why You Should Follow: With a blush named "Orgasm," it's no surprise that NARS' Twitter account is equally as sassy. We love the makeup line's tweets on which NARS colors are hot right now, upcoming product launches, and tips for how to wear their favorite colors.
Sample Twitter Tip: As much as I LOVE a bold lip, sometimes having a strong eye look is nice & low maintenance -- no need to reapply as much.


Why You Should Follow: Former "Hills" star turned fashion designer, Lauren Conrad has teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine to bring you easy-to-follow beauty tips that will have you MTV-ready in no time. Their tutorials on topics such as how to expertly blow dry your bangs or draw the perfect cat-eye are some of our favorites.
Sample Twitter Tip: The more wave/frizz you have, the less you should air dry for a blowout.


Why You Should Follow: Beauty blogger Emily Weiss brings you the inside scoop from the fashion and beauty industry. Whether she's tweeting about her favorite moisturizer or bringing you the latest makeup trends from Paris, her tweets will keep you in the know.
Sample Twitter Tip: The "Cellophane" shine treatment by Sebastian (in salons only) is the bomb. And yes, there is cellophane involved.


Why You Should Follow: Bobbi Brown, one of the biggest names on the beauty scene, is a world-renowned makeup artist, author, and founder of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Follow her tweets for professional makeup and skin care advice and great tutorials that'll show you how to use her latest products.
Sample Twitter Tip: Bobbi Tip: Try applying Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup over your everyday moisturizer for skin that looks healthy and radiant.


Why You Should Follow: When he's not busy styling the heads of contestants on "The X Factor," Hollywood hairstylist Ken Paves is making sure Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, and Fergie all look red-carpet ready. Catch Paves, who also has a popular hair extension and body care line, tweeting his hair care tips from the set of his latest television show or from his Los Angeles and Michigan salons.
Sample Twitter Tip: When you condition, only "spot" condition where you need it, from mid shaft to your ends. Avoid your roots if they are oily.


Why You Should Follow: Mally Roncal is the go-to makeup artist for celebs like Beyonce, J.Lo, and Mariah Carey, three gorgeous and seriously dewy-skinned celebrities. She's not afraid to dish about her personal skin care routine, favorite products (which, of course, includes her own line), and any random beauty question you can tweet at her.
Sample Twitter Tip: Highlight the inner corners of your eyes using an illuminating product to fake 8hrs of sleep!


Why You Should Follow: This beauty megastore is your go-to source for the latest hair, makeup, and skin care products, and their tweets will fill you in on what you shouldn't miss. Follow them for daily giveaways, trivia, how-to's, and updates on the latest product launches.
Sample Twitter Tip: New palettes are popping up everywhere. Loving the ones from Too Faced, Smashbox, Stila, Tarte, and Benefit.

Want more? See the 8 other beauty experts that I follow here. And, might as well follow yours truly here, too.

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