7 Hairstyles for when You're Growing Out Your Bangs

Bang haircuts were so popular this year, but they're not for everyone. If you're over your fringe and starting the dreaded grow-out process, here are some styles to help you deal with the transition.

Dawn Davis

Blended InBlended In

The first phase of growing them out is obviously to let them grow! If you can deal with only being able to see some of the time, wear them down, blended into long layers like Nicole Richie's.

Side PonySide Pony

Taylor Swift has major bangs, but they can still be pulled to the side and hidden in a pony. If you look closely, you can tell that her tresses are loosely braided to help hold them in place.
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Pinned OverPinned Over

This is the easiest way to get your fringe off your forehead. Simply pin it to the side with a bobby pin (or a jeweled clip if you're feeling festive) for a pretty, retro style like Lea Michele's.

Baby BraidBaby Braid

A front braid, like House's Jennifer Morrison's, is ideal for securing short hairs. You'll probably have some flyaways, so smooth them with hairspray when you're done styling.
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Choppy CutChoppy Cut

A blunt bob or lob (long bob) is a great cut for mid-length bangs. Shakira's fringe is pushed to the side and mingles with her piecey cut.

Slicked BackSlicked Back

With the right amount of hairspray, you can always slick 'em back into a ponytail like Olivia Wilde.
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Headbanded Headbanded

And if the spray doesn't do the trick, add a simple black headband for a sweet style.

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