7 Holiday Makeup Looks Direct from the Big Screen

Forget raindrops on roses and all those other Favorite-Maria-von-Trapp-Type -Things. (Especially the doorbells. Doorbells??)

For me, "feeling glad" is all about the holidays; fancy parties (where my hair cooperates), caloric indulgences, mistletoe moments (with seriously smooth, kissable lips), and curling up with a hot toddy, an equally hot guy, and my all-time favorite festive films.

I'm not talking about that "Miracle on 34th Street" crap. With the exception of "A Christmas Story" (because who doesn't love a kid with his tongue frozen to a lamppost?), I much prefer modern day, relatable movies. You know, the ones that you lose yourself in -- the ones where you covet not only the happy endings, but the beautiful locales, fabulous homes, and to-die-for wardrobes, hair, and makeup.

While this may scream Bah Humbug to traditionalists, I defy you to watch a movie like "The Family Stone" and not fantasize about looking like Rachel McAdams the next time you have somewhere fabulous to go.

Not convinced? Here's a list of holiday party-worthy looks gleaned entirely from some of the season's most merry movies.

Flawless Foundation: Rachel McAdams in "The Family Stone"

Want your skin to appear as satiny smooth as McAdams'? According to makeup artist Rebecca Prior, National Educator of Napoleon Perdis, the magic touch starts with primer. Another of Prior's secret weapons? A foundation brush, which helps you create a more natural, polished look. When using it to apply your foundation, Prior suggests concentrating on the "feature focus area" -- aka the center of your face -- and blending outward toward the jawline.

The final step for skin this flawless? Translucent powder. (One to try: Estee Lauder Lucidity Translucent Loose Powder, $31.) "For a lightweight, fresh look, translucent is often better than pressed powder, which can give more coverage than you need," says Prior. "The reason Rachel McAdams' face looks so light, white, and beautiful is that she hasn't over-applied her makeup."

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Mistletoe-worthy Lips: Cameron Diaz in "The Holiday"

No doubt Cameron has one of the prettiest smiles in Hollywood, and it's easy to replicate her lush, full lip look just in time for mistletoe madness. The secret lies in using pale hues, says Prior. "If you have full lips and want to celebrate them, go with a light color; if you have thin lips and want them to look larger, use a light color and add a gloss on top," says Prior.

Lip liner can also add extra dimension. Prior's tip is to use a slightly darker pencil than your lipstick of choice, but "make sure it's properly blended so there's not a big color differentiation." Try CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipliner in Seduce 210, $6.99.

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The Eyes Have It: Penelope Cruz in "Noel"

Nothing says "party time" more than a dramatic eye, so why not glam it up Penelope-style for holiday festivities? Prior says the trick to a successful smoky eye lies in "keeping all of the definition around the eyelid and lashline."

For instant drama, start with a heavy coat of mascara (like Napoleon Perdis Mesmer-Eyes Mascara, $25), then rim the waterline with a dark pencil. To ramp up the effect even more, apply charcoal eyeshadow along the lashline around the entire eye, from corner to corner. Tip: Keep lipstick neutral so that your eyes really stand out.

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Lash Envy: Sharon Leal in "This Christmas"

Who says you have to have a capital-O occasion to wear false eyelashes?

According to Prior, our faux friends have just as much place at the office holiday party as they do at the New Year's Eve soiree. "Sharon Leal's look is a great example of how a false lash can present a nice, made-up look and complement natural color on the lid," says Prior. To keep falsies looking natural, curl the natural lash and apply mascara on both top and bottom for better blending. (For false lashes that look more natural than drag queen, try Shu Uemura Soft Cross False Eyelashes, $23.)

Another trick of the trade: "Check the length of the lash against your own lashline to see if it looks too dramatic or long," says Prior. "If so, snip a bit from the longer end."

See 3 more holiday movie looks and get the full how-tos here.

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