7 Things I Learned at the Victoria's Secret Show

Victoria's Secret Show 2011 FinaleVictoria's Secret Show 2011 Finale1. Those abs are no joke. The VS Angels take "toned" up a notch. I was expecting killer bikini bodies, but these were serious washboard abs. And no, those chiseled figures weren't boyish. Remember what show we're talking about?
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2. Jay-Z is a pretty funny guy. After a surprise performance with Kanye, Jay turned to Kanye and said, "Well, we're here. We might as well walk." Cue a catwalk strut.

3. Sexy hair isn't so complicated. The bombshell locks I spied were plenty sultry, but also achievable. All you need are some volumizing products and a few minutes with a curling iron.

4. What diamonds? I was so caught up in the general excitement and energy, I completely missed the $2.5 million bra Miranda Kerr wore down the runway. Lesson: Sometimes it's more about your attitude than what you're wearing.

5. Adam Levine is a cute boyfriend. After having dismissed Maroon 5's frontman as a bit of a cad, it was a sweet surprise to see him grab girlfriend Anne V.'s hand and walk her down the runway when she took her turn. Romance is alive and well at Victoria's Secret!

6. Karlie Kloss has got some legs. Duh, right? After excitement about the familiar runway face finally being old enough to walk in the show, I was struck by how amazingly long her legs were. They went on for miles!

7. Nicki Minaj must have been paid well. Because she certainly didn't seem like she wanted to be there. The bombastic rapper was decked out in a bright and zany outfit, per usual, but it didn't seem like her heart was in her performance.

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