The 8 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts EVER

I'll never forget last year's Valentine's Day gift exchange with my boyfriend. I gave him his gift first -- a subscription to a beer of the month club -- and he loved it (of course). Then it was my turn. When I opened the box, I found a frilly pink lingerie outfit with a bottom that was two sizes too small and a top that was a cup size too big (click here to find out if you're wearing the wrong bra size).

I was mortified. When he asked if I liked it, I forced a smile and said, "Yes ... it's very ... romantic." I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but in all honesty, I took it as a hint that I should ditch my usual cotton panties -- not to mention the sizing issues had me feeling a little, um, fat. I mean, I wanted to get him a nose hair trimmer after reading these guys' weird grooming habits, but at least I knew that wouldn't be right for V-day.

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To help make myself feel a little better about what happened, I asked some of our Facebook fans to share their worst Valentine's Day gifts ever. You can see all of the horrible gifts here, but check out some of the worst ones below -- along with an alternative gift idea for each, in case my now-ex is reading this.

Gift No. 1: Shopping for himself

"I got a tool box and a lawnmower. When he gave them to me, I looked at him and asked, 'What am I going to do with this?' He shrugged and said, 'It was on sale.'" -- Laura R.

The better option: Something that's not actually for yourself. Try a first-edition of her favorite book and a bottle of wine instead.

Gift No. 2: A bitter pill to swallow

"My sister got diet pills from her husband. They're divorced now." -- Sara B.

The better option: Go the complete opposite route and buy her a box of chocolates. It's definitely a sweeter gesture -- and it won't give her a reason to leave you.

Gift No. 3: That stinks

"He gave me perfume his old girlfriend used to wear." -- Lea S.

The better option: A scent that doesn't remind you (or her) of an ex. Maybe one of these new affordable fragrances?

Gift No. 4: Don't sock it to me

"He handed me a bag of socks." -- Sue M.

The better option: Not socks. Seriously, any other item of clothing would be better, but how about some sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret to start?

Gift No. 5: Pass on gas

"He gave me Beano (the anti-gas medicine). Wrapped beautifully, lovely card, and given at a public dinner." -- Jessica H.

The better option: Jewelry. Opening that little velvet box when everyone's looking might be embarrassing -- but in a much better way.

Gift No. 6: This isn't working out

"I got a gym membership. He meant well, but it was kind of insulting." -- Court S.

The better option: Sign up for a couple's dance class to get in shape together.

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Gift No. 7: Do you know me?

"I've always been a tomboy. Early on in our marriage, my husband bought me a hairbrush and a makeup brush set for Valentine's Day. The intention was noble. How it was perceived, not so much. I'm pretty sure I cried." -- Melissa R.

The better option: Play to her interests. If she likes to bake, buy her a new set of bakeware. If she loves adventure, take her bungee jumping.

Gift No. 8: A broken heart

"He gave me a breakup letter inside my card and present. True story." -- Nicole Renee O.

The better option: Obviously not breaking up with her on Valentine's Day. A dozen red roses would also be nice.

Think these are bad? Click here to see even more of the worst Valentine's Day gifts we found.

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