9 Genius Beauty Rules All Girls Should Live By

The best short and sweet beauty tips ever.The best short and sweet beauty tips ever.Sometimes the best beauty advice is short and tweet. Cosmo Beauty Director Leah Wyar shares the easy-breezy hair and makeup tricks that will keep you gorgeous in 140-characters or less.

By Leah Wyar

1. Put On a Mask
Quench dry strands by substituting conditioner with a hair mask once a week.

2. Liquify Your Lashes
Dot liquid liner between lower lashes for the most natural look.

3. Pucker Up
Cure dry lips by buffing them with sugar a few times a week, then wearing a Vaseline mask before bed.

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4. Pimple Prevention
To prevent period breakouts, start using an acne wash for a week beforehand.

5. Static Strands
Use a dryer sheet as a fast fix for flyaways.

6. Prep 'n Glow
Keep glittery makeup in place by applying a primer lotion beforehand. It works like a glue!

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7. Under Your Condition
Make your own DIY conditioner: Mash up a banana, then add some olive oil and an egg.

8. Forever Scent
For fragrance that lasts forever, moisturize your skin before spritzing. Perfume evaporates off dry skin faster.

9. Check Your Oil
The best fix for dry skin: Apply body oil, then lock it in with a lotion, put on your robe, and let it cook.

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