Actual Nail Polish Names for Psyching Yourself Up

Snagging a big-time mood boost can be as easy as a paint job for your nails -- not to mention inexpensive. A bottle of polish is less than 10 bucks! Now go a step further and peek at the bottle's label for a serious pick-me-up -- the super-creative names of these lacquers also serve as a positive psychological lift for any life situation.

1. Job interview
You know where you want to be professionally in five years, and in 10 years, if all goes according to your carefully crafted timeline, you'll be sitting where the interviewer is. If you're nervous (and who wouldn't be?), you need a confidence boost by reminding yourself of your personal...Master Plan (Essie)

2. First date
Whether you're a girly-girl or a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of gal, a little primping and polishing is fun when you're making yourself presentable for Date Number One. The night before, it's totally okay to dream about a plain ol' blind date turning into an epic romance. (Let's just hope it's not star-crossed.) With that in mind, slick on sheer, subtle...Juliette (Zoya)

3. Cooking at your casa
Downtime is a good thing every now and then! If you're hanging out around the house and trying out a new recipe for yourself… or for the lucky guinea pigs at a dinner party… do it in style and with a little chef's-attitude vivaciousness, while you're sporting...My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours! (OPI)

4. Girls' night out
There's a time and a place for confetti and sparkles, and now is that time. Outglitter your gal pals when you hit the town by trying out the hot press-on nail design...Girly Glam (OPI)

5. Hitting the gym
Maybe you're not a diehard gym rat now, but you want to be. Pummel your excuses with a left-right combo by using a polish that motivates, namely...Pilates Hottie (Essie)

6. Heading to da cluuub

You've been working so hard, you've earned a cray-cray night of Skinnygirl cocktails and sweet beats. While you're getting your groove on, make sure your nails are decked out in...Bump & Grind (China Glaze)

7. Sexytime
Bringing the heat in the bedroom all starts in your mind. Kick your fantasies in high gear with some sexy prep. Lingerie: check. Perfume: check. Nail polish: check. This sultry evening, you're wearing...Fishnet Stockings (Essie)

8. Major celebration
You're giving a toast, or at the very least raising a glass, at a wedding, a graduation party, or a big company anniversary gala. Get in a festive mood with the British slang term for bubbly...Champers (Butter)

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