Alpha Nail: Nail Polish for Dudes Only

Calling all bros, it's mani/pedi time! Nail polish brand "Alpha Nail" is a line of polishes marketed specifically at "manly men." The brand offers a matte and metallic collection in totally un-girly colors like "Burnin' Rubber" and "Cocaine" for $9.95 each. Even the dispenser is manly -- each polished is applied with a high-tech-looking pen. No dainty Essie-esque bottles here.

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The Alpha Nail website
explains that the polish is for practical purposes since it keeps nails strong and healthy. But Alpha Nail also explains that dudes want to wear polish for the same reasons women do: to make a statement. According to Alpha Nails website, "It is about having the confidence that says 'I am my own man, and I will decide the rules for how I live my life according to how I see fit.'"

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Really? A nail polish can say all that?? Sure, the Alpha Nail website is testosterone-packed and pretty hilarious, but they may be on to something here. Nail polish for guys may not be mainstream yet, but look at Axe Body Spray: it's essentially perfume for guys, and it's super successful.

Alpha Nail is sending out the same message as Axe: not only is this product not girly, it's ultra­-manly. It will make you look tough and strong, and women will want to have sex with you. Like Axe, Alpha Nail is in on the joke, and so we won't be surprised if this dude-friendly polish brand actually takes off.

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